A creative and highly targeted social media ad campaign gives you the possibility to inspire authentic conversations amongst consumers as well as increasing awareness of the brand to your target audience.

Social media advertising continues to shape overall advertising strategies and for many, is at the heart of advertising plans. Because of this – it’s crucial that advertisers remain up-to-date with the most recent updates across all social media platforms. In doing so, it means you can improve on your next ad campaign, sharpen goals and ultimately maximise results.

When we think about social media advertising, we tend to only focus on the ‘big three’ platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, it’s important to not underestimate the power of using other platforms such as Pinterest, TikTok and LinkedIn. Each is growing month on month when it comes to advertising – so they’re certainly ones to watch.

Here we’ll help you get up to speed with how you can utilise LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok for advertising purposes to help you consider if they could be a better fit for your objectives.

LinkedIn social media advertising


LinkedIn continues to be the popular choice for advertising due to its targeting capabilities


LinkedIn isn’t the simplest platform when it comes to social media advertising, but when used correctly it can be a really effective platform to use. The targeting capabilities the platform offers is second to none as you can target users directly by features including their job title and company name. Because of this, it’s a really great platform to utilise for companies in the B2B sector.

To help users out, LinkedIn has recently launched a handy new overview of its various advertising options to help businesses maximise their ad campaigns and achieve better results. ‘LinkedIn ad guide’ gives detailed information on assets to use, call-to-action options and technical requirements for each type.

The ad guide is split into four categories:

  • Sponsored Content – Single Image Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads
  • Sponsored Messaging – Conversation Ads, Message Ads
  • Lead Gen Forms
  • Text and Dynamic Ads – Text Ads, Spotlight Ads, Follower Ads

​Each section includes a separate overview for each ad type, which provides a complete set of requirements and instructions – a really handy tool for those looking to up their game when it comes to LinkedIn advertising!

LinkedIn hopes as the lockdown restrictions in many countries begin to ease, business activity picks up and brands continue to invest in LinkedIn to better engage their audiences. By utilising the guide, you can gain a better understanding of how to launch campaigns on the platform and make the most of the features LinkedIn offers. B2B social media marketers – this is one you should definitely check out!

TikTok social media advertising

TikTok now has 700 million users to reach via ad campaigns


TikTok is a platform that has taken the social media world by storm! The channel has gained so much popularity that some brands are choosing to do ad campaigns primarily centred around TikTok. With almost 700 million users on the platform, brands should certainly be keeping an eye on any information that could help when it comes to advertising, in order to achieve greater costs per results with a more focused ad strategy.

For honest insights into the success of ad campaigns, and the type of ads marketers should be using, TikTok recently commissioned Kantar to conduct a new study looking at how ads on TikTok are perceived in comparison to promotions on other platforms.

Kantar interviewed more than 25,000 active users of TikTok, across 20 different countries, to better understand TikTok ad effectiveness compared to other social media platforms. The results were:

  • TikTok ads are ‘inspiring’ – The research showed that 72% of respondents found ads on TikTok ‘inspiring’, the highest across all platforms. The best marketers use creative and insightful ads to best engage audiences, to convert impressions into link clicks and likes.
  • ‘Trend-setting’ – Ads on TikTok are trend-setting when compared to other social media sites. According to the report, “brands on TikTok now have the tools to become part of culture, enabling their audiences to create trends based on branded sounds, actions, effects or brand-related storylines that can travel freely across the TikTok community and beyond.
  • Optimism is key – TikTok says that users come to the platform to discover uplifting content from the community as opposed to heavy content found on other outlets. This has not gone unnoticed by advertisers.

Users feel that TikTok, unlike Twitter, is not the place for hard-hitting, controversial angles but for more positive, helpful updates and life-stories. This type of content is relevant to a young, more progressive and optimistic audience that the platform aims to reach. So, if your brand wants to target a younger consumer base – TikTok advertising is certainly one to consider.

Pinterest social media advertising

Pinterest provides a unique method of social media advertising


Pinterest is a highly creative and engaging platform that allows brands to showcase the visual aspect of their offering. Because of this, advertising on the platform is often not something that is taken into consideration. However – it could be one for social media marketers to watch depending on campaign goals.

Recently the platform has clarified its ad process to help simplify paid promotions for users via releasing a new guide. Pinterest is another social media platform that continues to grow, with vested interest in advertisers likely to follow.

It now has 478 million monthly active users and all are coming to the platform in a shopping and discovery mindset. Because of this, there’s definitely an opportunity to utilise ‘Pins’ as a way to target a new and perhaps unique demographic for your business.

The guide details how Pinterest Ads Manager is built right into your Pinterest Business account. Giving businesses easy, practical access to building a new ads campaign with an effective strategy through the platforms support.

Pinterest has clarified the updates to its automatic bidding tools, which are getting much better at allocating ad spend based on defined objectives. These tools could be the key to unlocking a new audience for your brand. The goals include:

  • Awareness – To grow your reach and build brand or product awareness
  • Consideration – Get more traffic to content on or off Pinterest
  • Conversions – Drive actions like online sales, signups and subscriptions
  • Offline sales – To increase in-store purchases

Pinterest is definitely a platform on the rise when it comes to social media advertising and shouldn’t be overlooked by marketers depending on the aims and objectives of your campaign.

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