What a headline – as if you haven’t read that a thousand times before on social marketing sites. But this is actually a pretty useful list of different things we’re using right now to try and maximise engagement as part of our content marketing strategies. This is basically a fail safe list of handy tools to use when you have the inevitable marketeers mind block and you need to make good content.

So, if you’re a marketeer looking to create noise via creative content – sit tight.

Gift of the Gif

If you’re reading this, I’m not going to preach to the converted and tell you all about how great Gifs can be to boost engagement and interest in your content. Relatable, easy to digest and a quick way to convey emotion or thoughts. You and I both know Gifs are handy. But finding fresh Gif content can be almost as difficult as creating new content. Enter Today on the Internet – a site that shows you what Gifs are trending, and yep, you guessed it – are so hot right now. Thank us later!

Business blog baby

Yep – Twitter offers the saving grace of all content calendars. All hail Twitter Business Blog. Released about a week in advance, this bad boy gives you the heads up on what’s set to be trending in the week ahead. From national days to sporting events and festivals like Cochella and key global conferences.


This is an amazing tool to vet, seek out and find inspirational influencers that fit with your brand. Start out by discovering Instagram influencers and re-gramming their content to see how your audience responds. Then use it as a tool to outreach.

Answer the Public

This tool pretty much does what it says on the tin. Tells you what questions are more popular on Google regarding key topics, so you can answer questions you know are popular. Promoting a new shampoo – check out Answer the Public, launching a restaurant, check out Answer the Public – you get the idea!

What’s the Forekast?

This is a great place to discover popular and upcoming events – similar to Twitter’s business blog, but more event focused. It also has a trending events section so you know what’s proving popular. And, we’d recommend signing up to the weekly newsletter too!
There’s plenty more tools out there. A good pit stop if you’re on the hunt for new tools for your content marketing – be it analysis, outreach, engagement or ads – is PR Stack. Which curates all the latest tools for marketeers.
Happy content creating.

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