Last night I was a busy bee again hosting my one big charity event of the year – it almost kills me. No doubt if you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me banging on about the charity pub quiz I organise for the regional committee of the CIPR. I bore myself with the amount of ticket pushing I do but as it’s all for a good cause so I try and make sure I do it just the once a year.
The event was in its third year, and if I am honest, seems to be creating a bit of a cult following – for which I am very grateful. Most of the regions’ best PR agencies took time out of the busy schedules to meet up at the Alea Casino and get together to have some fun. I chose the casino as it means we can collectively take over the entire top floor and have the bar all to ourselves as I know how thirsty some in our industry are.
We had well over a hundred people again this year and the proceedings went on until late with several different quiz rounds from pot luck, general knowledge through to music in films. It was an extremely close run thing this year with the longest game of lucky numbers (a legally different game to bingo you understand) I have ever played packed in between rounds. Unbelievably, last year’s champions QUIZ TEAM AGUILLERA brought their trophy with them and boldly told me they were going to win again. Even more unbelievably they actually did it. So well done to their team on a great result. I wonder if they will be bringing both trophies next year? In the first year, the table I was on actually won but sadly this year it wasn’t to be but we we didn’t do too badly as we came joint sixth with a quiz name that I am not repeating.
I just wanted to write this post just to say a huge and special thank you to everyone that came along and bought tickets to last night’s event. I know how busy everyone is and I know we all have homes and busy social lives to enjoy. So to see friends and former colleagues from across the region from the likes of Grayling, Hatch Communications, Raw Creative, the University of Leeds, Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post, Finn, Clear Silver, Network Marketing, IseePR, Brand8, Turnkey, Approach, Campus and my lot from Prohibition PR and Lucre was truly brilliant and that is one of the reasons I love doing it.
It’s a fun event and it’s great to get everyone from the PR industry in one room together rather to have fun. We have a great industry in this region and I believe we should have more social events which get us together. With that in mind last night we managed to raise well over £1,000 for the cancer charities that looked after Nigel Scott in his final days  – so that means I am very happy today.
And in case you are wondering, last nights leader board looked like this:

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