13 May 2012

Public relations: Taking a Job Interview Too Far?

Okay so we all know that questions at a job interview can be pretty difficult to answer, or have a

13 May 2012

Okay so we all know that questions at a job interview can be pretty difficult to answer, or have a response that you would rather not say but you have to say it in such a way that is not offensive to the employer or the company, so what would you say if you were asked for your Facebook password by an employer at a job interview?

Personally, I would say no. Not that I have anything to hide at all, but I think that privacy in a job is important. In PR you will always have to take work home, so keeping your private life private is one of the only things you are left with.

I think this is a great breach of trust and privacy by employers and I can’t think of any real reason for the need to look at personal messages and photo’s on the social networking platform.

A recent article on the Telegraph explained how many employers in the USA have been asking for login information if Facebook profiles are hidden on the website.

There was one case which saw an employee refuse the information despite a number of persistent questions from his boss. He still works for the company but there may be many cases were you can lose the job due to this fact alone!

My own personal view is that a job is not worth the invasion of privacy and in a day to day role, there is absolutely no need for an employer to know so much about your personal life.

As long as you are performing well at the job, what is the need for the extra knowledge?

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  1. Chris Norton May 15th, 2012 8:42AM

    Interesting post Amy, I suppose one thing you might not have condisred here is that not everyone uses social networks the same. I know of quite a few people who use it strictly for business purposes so they would have no issue with it.

    As an employer ourselves I don’t think we need to see a potential employee’s Facebook page but sometimes we my check them because we want to employ people that know how to use social networks effectively. If someone is being completely unprofessional and hasn’t protected their account then they don’t really deserve a job in this area. I would give them constructive advice to consider protecting it in future.

    Nice post

  2. Amy Kavanagh May 16th, 2012 10:06AM

    Thanks for commenting Chris, I totally agree with what you are saying, and in PR it is exceptionally important to be able to show a confident approach to social networking, but the story that I covered and have read about this topic covered other companies that were not in the PR or communications sector, which is why I think that asking for someone’s private login details might be a step too far when it does not make an impact on a day to day job role.



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