It’s that time again – we’re back with another campaign round-up! We’ve been keeping our eye out for some exciting, stand-out campaigns over the last couple of months, and have compiled a round-up of those that have caught both our, and the UK medias, attention.

Gymshark’s ‘Deload’ Barber Shop

Gymshark recently opened a pop-up barber shop in London in partnership with mental health charity, Calm, for men to open up and talk about their feelings over a free trim.

Their research shows that while men may find it difficult to discuss their feelings, they’re more likely to open up at the barbers when getting their hair cut. We thought this was a creative way to highlight an important and sensitive issue – whilst also generating some great brand awareness. Great work Gymshark!

Boris Johnson Pops Up Outside Blackpool Jobcentre

While the last few weeks (or years?) have been a bit of a PR disaster for the government, Madam Tussauds took advantage of this for their own PR purposes. Shortly after Boris Johnson announced he would be resigning from his post as Prime Minister, his waxwork model was found outside a local Blackpool jobcentre.

This one really tickled us and is a great example of how being reactive to things going on in the news agenda can make for a really strong PR stunt. It generated lots of engagement on social media and was also picked up by most news outlets.

Yorkshire Tea x Patrick Stewart

Yorkshire Tea recently launched a new ad featuring none other than Patrick Stewart! The ad sees the Yorkshire-born actor delivering a speech in an office for a co-worker who is leaving, and it’s nothing short of cinematic. We’re immediately sucked in by the dimming of the lights and Stewart’s soothing yet commanding voice as he asks ‘shall we not hear again the enchanting echoes of your laughter?’ – only to be brought back down to earth by the mention of a bar tab they have waiting.

This ad has it all. Star? Check. Comedy? Check. Yorkshire Tea? CHECK. Well done Yorkshire Tea – a great example of choosing the right person to partner with to ensure a successful campaign.

YouTube video


AirBnb’s ‘OMG! Fund’

AirBnb have been calling all architects, designers and members of the public who are interested in whacky buildings to enter their new design contest. Named the ‘OMG! Fund’, the $10 million scheme will finance 100 of the craziest and most unique ideas from across the world to turn them into a reality.

This is a great campaign for AirBnb as quirky and creative designs will draw a lot of public interest and it provides fun and practical overnight stays for them to list when built.

Cuthbert the Caterpillar 2: Electric Boogaloo

If you haven’t been following the social media saga that is Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar versus M&S’s legal team, then what HAVE you been doing!?

Cuthbert is officially back on Aldi’s shelves and it seems that the legal battle hasn’t deflated them, as they have been trolling M&S with an ad van announcing his return. Donning slogans such as ‘#Cuthback’, ‘Made by bakers. Approved by lawyers.’ and, our personal favourite, ‘Colin all cake fans’, this PR roll-out is a contender for best of the year and we’re really for it. We love how witty and simple brilliant Alid are on social – another a brilliant social campaign.


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