We can’t quite believe how quickly this year is going – how is it the middle of March already?! That said, we’re incredibly excited about the brighter mornings and lighter evenings – spring is almost here. To celebrate, we’ve pulled together a round up of our favourite PR campaigns for 2022 so far, as well as some that didn’t quite hit the mark…

We all love Wordle

Let’s kick off with some positivity, shall we? Wordle. If you’re anything like us here at PPR, you won’t need an introduction to this word game developed by Josh Wardle. It’s brought some great positivity and a well-needed distraction, once a day at least. It’s also taken social media by storm and provided a great opportunity for brands to jump on the trend. We even tried it out ourselves with some reactive content for our client, GeniePoint:

Brands have used the layout across their social channels to get consumers to guess a word that related to their brand or used it to showcase products/services that they have available. A great example of how being reactive and jumping on social trends can provide great quality content. IKEA stood out for us too, by taking the trend and adding their own twist for a really successful piece of content!

McDonald’s clever hiring adverts

McDonald’s recently released a new recruitment campaign that definitely caught our eye! It was directed towards students looking for a job, with the main point being that no experience was required for the role. The clever image led campaign featured mis-matched items, such as ice cream in a nugget box and fries in a McFlurry tub, to highlight the message.

This campaign highlights how sometimes keeping things simple is really the most effective. Using strong imagery and visual creatives can really do the talking and work wonders for content.

International Women’s Day – Imagine campaign

It can be hard to cut through the noise on big awareness days – so launching a campaign that stands out is key. CPB London got it bang on for their poster campaign, ‘Imagine’. The posters created aimed to tackle gender stereotypes in certain jobs and industries. They were created from research that was done into young children’s perceptions of men and women.

The posters have been displayed throughout London and also across social media and have received an overwhelming response. This powerful, thought provoking campaign is a fantastic example of how to stand out when it comes to awareness day campaigns. We were really big fans of this one!

Prince Andrew and the never-ending scandal

This one just speaks for itself so we’ll keep it brief…  But lets just say we imagine the Royals PR team have been pulling their hair out lately! The following video and drawing that went viral sums it up quite well.

There’s been some great opportunity for some reactive memes with the news going global. On a slightly more positive note, it’s also brought the conversation of child trafficking and sexual exploitation back to the forefront.

Boris and his Downing Street parties

The total scandal surrounding Boris and his lockdown ‘work meetings’ brought more great opportunities for reactive memes that the whole nation (or so it seemed) jumped on board with. Here’s a few of our favourites that made us chuckle:

Even though the general feeling towards this news is pretty mixed (a concoction of anger, upset and betrayal perhaps), social media has done it’s thing yet again and created a storm of entertaining memes and posts that have been well engaged with. Even in a time of frustration – you can always rely on social media to keep you entertained in one way or another…

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