Bringing you the latest in all things social media – from impending updates to privacy law changes, find it all in the round-up below.

Instagram add comments to stories

Instagram is once again testing a new update, allowing creators to share fan comments to Instagram stories to continue to engage with them.

Users who are part of this test are able to swipe on comments and click a new ‘Add to story’ button. The comment will then be shown in a story alongside the original post – it’s all part of another step to increase engagement and community between creators and their followers.

Meta explore paid versions

It has been reported that Meta are exploring options to offer paid versions of both Facebook and Instagram. This would enable E.U. users to avoid ads, and personal data usage, entirely in both apps.

This potential update relates to the E.U.’s evolving Digital Services Act (D.S.A.), which is due to come into effect soon, while aiming to give users more explicit control of their personal data handling.

If implemented, this will have a big impact on EU-focused Meta ad activity!

X remove follower ads

The option to run follower ads on X (formerly Twitter) has recently been removed as the platform moves toward a more ‘organic community’ style. This impacts marketers everywhere who have long relied on follower ads for page growth activity.

Elon Musk is also continuing to announce an array of updates, including the potential for voice and video calls on the app. The company also updated its privacy policies that will allow for the collection of biometric data and employment history, among other information.

TikTok enhance AI features

TikTok have introduced required labels to mark AI-generated content, as use of AI grows across social media. This is to ensure users are fully disclosing AI-generated content – if not used correctly, content risks being removed by moderators. One to watch for any impending spooky-AI Halloween campaigns.

LinkedIn introduce multiple newsletters

LinkedIn is introducing the capacity to host multiple newsletters in the app rather than just one. That could be relevant for brands that touch on several niches, or offer products that reach into different markets.

In addition, LinkedIn’s also now adding auto-follow for newsletter subscribers, so that when a new subscriber signs up to your newsletter, they’ll also follow your regular LinkedIn updates as well.

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