We’ve got exciting news! We’re launching our Prohibition podcast: Socially Unacceptable’ – the podcast where we uncover the untold stories of those who have faced their own fair share of f*ck-ups, and turned them into opportunities for growth.

In any role, whether you’re senior or not, it’s normal to make mistakes. We’ve all been there! What really matters is how you grow from them, which is the important message of this podcast. We’ll also be sharing insider tips and strategies from industry experts, making it your go-to resource for all things PR, marketing, and communications.

Our first guest episode is with Stuart Bruce; an international PR professional and co-founder of Purposeful Relations, global advisory and consultancy firm. He will be interviewed by our Founder Chris Norton and Head of Creative Vicki Murphy, to discuss all things PR measurement and where people f*ck up – you can give it a listen below.

Why should you give our podcast a listen?

  1. Turn your f*ck-ups into a catalyst for success: We hope that by sharing these experiences, we can inspire and empower others to overcome their own obstacles and become stronger in their career.
  2. We speak all things marketing: From building a strong personal brand to creating engaging content, the ‘Socially Unacceptable’ leaves no stone unturned in our mission to equip you with the tools you need to thrive in the digital world.
  3. Learn from a wide range of industry experts: Chris and Will, our hosts, have more than 45 years of comms experience combined – and our guests bring a different industry perspective. So, whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, there’s something to learn f0r everyone on our podcast.

Why should you apply to apply to be a guest?

  1. Inspire Others: Through telling your own story, you have the potential to inspire those who are facing similar difficulties. Your experiences can offer hope and confidence, demonstrating that success is achievable despite the difficulties.
  2. Examine and Know: Appearing on ‘Socially Unacceptable’ gives you an opportunity to contemplate your own missteps and gain insights. By looking back at past errors, you’ll acquire a deeper comprehension of your professional development and the knowledge you’ve gained along the way.
  3. Enhance Your Personal Brand: Being featured on our podcast provides you a special podium to show your expertise and skill. It gives you the chance to link to a wider audience and distinguish yourself as an authoritative figure inside your sector. 


We’d love to welcome you on your podcast and here about your experiences, so why not apply on our podcast page! Make sure to follow our podcast, as we’ll be releasing our next episode very soon.

And if you’re looking to create your own podcast, then Prohibition is the agency for you! We already work with luxury jewellery brand Watches of Switzerland on the creation of their podcast. Contact us for our podcast services!