Another month has past, and yet again, the social media updates and trends have not stopped coming! From platforms battling it out to master audio first, to expansions within AR capabilities, there’s been a lot going on recently in the world of social media.

Find out the latest updates across a variety of social platforms below!

Facebook to introduce new audio tools similar to Clubhouse

Facebook is delving deeper into the development of audio and unsurprisingly, new tools which are coming to the platform will be audio focussed. Announced previously, Facebook is looking to mimic Clubhouse with its own audio room system within the platform. The new ‘Soundbite’ option will allow users to share short-form audio clips with other users. The platform is also aiming to break into the podcast industry, making it possible for users to find and listen to podcasts through Facebook. We’re looking forward to seeing how this progresses on the platform!

Facebook to introduce new audio tools similar to Clubhouse

TikTok creates new Business Creative Hub

TikTok is enabling content creators to be inspired by others through its new update. The platform has recently come to understand that many businesses using TikTok do not post frequently due to a lack of inspiration and ideas. To combat this and drive brands to use the platform more regularly, TikTok created the Business Creative Hub. This new feature aims to inspire users by encouraging TikTok business accounts to view other well performing content. This handy hub should prove super useful for both content creators who want to share their creative flare and for those who need a bit of inspo!

Reddit set to launch Reddit Talks

Previously on Reddit the only way to communicate with a community or subreddit, was through standard posts and livestreaming. However, Reddit is now releasing a Reddit Talks system, similar to Clubhouse (of course!). This is where members of the Reddit page can join a call, react using emojis and raise their hand if they would like to speak to others on the call. The update is still in testing phase, but we’ll keep you updated when we know more!

Reddit is now releasing a Reddit Talks system, similar to Clubhouse

Professional Profiles are being explored on Twitter

Twitter is finally joining other platforms and experimenting with a new business aspect of the platform. Professional Profiles is currently in the testing process with some organisations to see how well it performs. The update is launching to allow social media professionals and businesses to set up a professional account rather than just a regular account. The feature will allow businesses to display information that couldn’t previously be shown before on the usual Twitter page. This could be a huge new feature for businesses and professionals who utilise Twitter – so definitely one to watch!

Snapchat acquires 3D mapping company Pixel8Earth to expand AR capabilities

Snapchat is aiming to maximize its investment during the next stage of interactivity, by acquiring the 3D mapping platform Pixel8Earth. Pixel8Earth uses digital video content, captured by numerous sources, to build detailed 3D models of real-world scenes. This could help the platform provide more accurate overlays for use in functional AR features. We can’t wait to see how this one develops, it’ll be a really unique feature.

Snapchat acquires 3D mapping company Pixel8Earth to expand AR capabilities

Pinterest announce ‘creator code’ content policy

Pinterest has announced it will soon be implementing a mandatory code of conduct – the creator code – ensuring all users have a positive experience on the platform. Pinterest users will soon have to agree to several statements including; ‘I will be kind’, ‘Be aware of triggers’, ‘Check my facts’, ‘Do no harm’ and ‘Practice inclusion’. The code will be a mix between machine learning and human review, rolling out over the next few weeks.

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