As we fast-approach Autumn, and Summer comes to a close, social media has also changed recently with new features being introduced across all platforms.  With e-commerce even more prevalent than ever, and reels venturing across to Facebook, here are the latest updates in the world of social media.

TikTok has added a new ecommerce function with the Shopify tab

With the expansion of e-commerce and most platforms making this a priority for development, it’s no surprise that TikTok is upping its game to battle it out amongst the other platforms in the e-commerce space. The app has now partnered with Shopify to enhance its ecommerce offering. The new partnership will allow brands to add in a digital shop that users can view in-app in order to browse products. If the user wishes to purchase a product that catches their eye, they will be redirected to Shopify where they can follow through with their purchase. This is a great feature that they’ve introduced onto the platform from an e-commerce perspective!

TikTok has added a new ecommerce function with the Shopify tab

Promoted posts arrive for Instagram shops

After testing the feature, Instagram has now followed through with its new advertising feature. On the Instagram Shop page, marketers can now include promoted posts to advertise set products and discounts. This offers users a new way of advertising through the platform and will be another tool to utilise to showcase products.

Facebook brings Reels to the main app

Whilst TikTok continues to gain momentum within the short-form video content market, to challenge this, Facebook has announced that it’s currently testing Reels on the platform. Previously only available on Instagram, Reels will now be accessible from the main Facebook app. The new feature will expose many Facebook users who are unfamiliar with TikTok to short-form videos, which has proved to be a massive success with younger audiences. Currently, the testing is available to users in India, Mexico and Canada and the US. However, if it is successful, we can expect it to roll out further – watch this space!

LinkedIn is set to remove the story function to make improvements for its users

LinkedIn recently announced that it would be removing the story function from the platform at the end of the month. The platform is set to update the current format to one that offers a better design that supports the needs of its professional users. It will be interesting to see how this tool develops!

LinkedIn is set to remove the story function to make improvements for its users

YouTube transforms its search with two new features

YouTube recently announced the introduction of two new search features to make life easier for users to find what they’re looking for. The update will be available on desktop and mobile, where users will be able to make the most of visual search features, meaning you’ll soon be able to hover over a video thumbnail to watch a particular clip – without having to click on. The feature will make it easier for audiences to search chapters within a video and jump directly to the ones that they’re most interested in from the search pages.

The second update recommends videos in other languages to a user, with captioning available too. So, if a Swedish user couldn’t find a video in their own language, YouTube might recommend an English-language video with Swedish subtitles, through supplementing search results with English-language videos. Both features are currently rolling out globally. We think these are great additions to the platform!

Messenger launches new features following its 10th birthday

Facebook Messenger recently turned ten years old and to celebrate, the platform has introduced some minor additions to the tool which include a change to the poll feature, a new way to share contacts with friends and Facebook Pay. Facebook Pay allows users to directly transfer money to one another through the platform. Happy 10th birthday Facebook Messenger!

Messenger launches new features following its 10th birthday


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