We’re back again with another monthly digest of the latest social media updates and trends – which as always, never fails to surprise! Over the last month we’ve seen ‘likes’ disappear (but only partially), radio stations launch and platforms giving users the autonomy to choose the way in which they consume content on social media.

Discover the latest updates and trends across the various social media platforms below!

Instagram now gives consumers the option to hide likes or not

After Facebook conducted research into what consumers really want when it comes to likes being displayed on Instagram, users finally got to voice their say! According to the study, the platform found that ‘people want more flexibility’. As a result of this, Instagram users now have the ability to personalise their experience and choose whether to hide the like count or not on the photos they share on their feeds.

Whilst this may be somewhat jarring to marketers, the ‘vanity metrics’ topic is still heavily debated. It’ll be interesting to see how this update goes and what that means for the future of influencer marketing.

Instagram now gives consumers the option on whether to hide likes or not


TikTok is set to launch a radio station

TikTok is set to explore new territory with its new TikTok radio station. They are looking to partner up with SiriusXM to launch two new ‘audio experiences’. The experience will consist of creators and DJs taking control and playing music to consumers.

Twitter considers adding new features

Twitter appears to have been inspired by Instagram with its new updates as they focus on allowing users to express themselves more. An ‘about page’ is currently being tested on the platform, giving users the ability to share more information with other users about themselves. The section will potentially sit within the user’s Twitter profile page and give more profile details such as; pronouns, a translator, interests and more. Rumours are still in circulation that the platform is soon going to roll out a new reaction feature.

Twitter is set to allow users to express themselves more with an ‘About’ section


Facebook adds a new system to save users from receiving misinformation

Another month, another update on Facebook combatting the spread of misinformation – way to go Facebook! Since the 2016 US presidential election the term ‘fake news’ has been an all too familiar phrase. However, the platform acknowledged this and is aiming to combat fake news by adding new features to deter users or accounts that offer misinformation.

When a user now attempts to follow an account that has been proven to post misinformation, a new warning system has been introduced which will pop up to alert the user of this. The platform also stated that it will reduce the potential reach of posts that contain ‘fake news’ to avoid others from seeing it. We think this a great step from Facebook to avoid spreading false information online.

Pinterest facilitates more than 5 billion searches monthly

Pinterest recently shared new insights into user search activity and how the search function has progressed over time to provide more accurate searches. According to the platform’s Engineering Blog, there are now over 5 billion searches on Pinterest per month, which is a huge increase from 2016 when search volume was roughly 2 billion. Marketers should also be aware that these searches are often product related with searches surging for outfits, holidays, weddings and home renovation – all of which could prove very valuable to brands!

Pinterest facilitates more than 5 billion searches monthly


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