Social media is one of many tools organisations can use to promote their brand, build relationships with audiences and enhance brand reputation. Consequently, the roles of social media and public relations have become increasingly synonymous over the past decade.
Astonishingly, Facebook alone boasts over 2.1 billion users worldwide, while Instagram has 800 million, and Twitter has 300 million. The astounding popularity of social media means that it is imperative for organisations to establish a sound presence across multiple channels.
That being said, the social media landscape is rapidly evolving. New platforms are constantly emerging, whilst existing platforms are frequently adding new brand-friendly features, such as Instagram’s new shopping tool. As PR professionals, we must demonstrate an ability to adapt to these advancements, whilst creating authentic content that generates interest among our target audiences.
Read our top 5 tips on how to create highly engaging content:

1. Include images 

If you’re promoting a product, it is imperative to include an image that complements the product. This is the first thing your audience will see, and will likely be the last thing that they remember.
In this instance, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Rich photography and eye-catching graphics are far more likely to catch your audience’s attention than long paragraphs and sentences.
It is important to note that in general, lifestyle images achieve higher engagement than standard product shots. Additionally, the image posted should be of high quality and should match the image size dimensions of the platform it is being promoted on.

2. Tag any products shown into posts

If you’re showcasing a product on Facebook or Instagram, tagging the product into the post will make it more visible to potential buyers.
As of 2017, research shows that on average, people spend 135 minutes per day on social media. The convenience of being able to purchase a product without leaving the platform simplifies the shopping experience, which is likely to lead to increased customer satisfaction. Full instructions on how to tag products into posts can be viewed here.

3. Interact with your audience 
To stay ahead of competitors in the digital age, organisations should post interactive content that genuinely engages with their audience. An example of interactive content are press and hold assets, which encourage users to physically press an image on their smartphone for a “reveal” image or video.

Another example of interactive content that has gained popularity among brands is a humorous list of names, which encourages users to tag their friends. Whilst this approach does not generate tangible benefits, it does drive organic engagement, whilst building relationships with audiences.

4. Diversify the types of content

It is important to remember that each of your followers prefers different types of content. The best social media accounts include a mixture of images, videos and GIFs, whilst ensuring that they frequently post about different topics.
When posts are monotonous, it is highly likely that they will receive low organic reach and engagement. Additionally, it is unlikely that your community size will grow significantly. Consequently, it is beneficial to have a social media content calendar that provides a structured timeline for what you’ll post across certain platforms.

5. Post about trending topics

A highly effective way of driving engagement and attracting new audiences is tapping into trending topics. Knowing the topics and hash-tags that interests your audience gives brands a competitive adva
ntage. Simultaneously, it encourages new audiences to engage with your content.
However, when joining online conversations, always ensure that the topic is relevant to the brand and its values. For example, if your client is a fashion brand – it would be beneficial to post a reactive comment on the Golden Globes or London Fashion Week, rather than a topic that has no correlation with the fashion industry.

Implementing these tips will help to enhance brand perception, whilst building positive relationships with the relevant audience.
Finally, creating truly authentic and engaging content takes time, creativity and skill, and it is an ongoing process. The fun, innovative and interactive social media posts outlined above are a highly effective way to encourage audiences to engage with your brand and spread positive word of mouth.
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