The revolution of street food has burst onto the scene in the last couple of years with its alluring combination of affordability and taste. It’s quick, easy, cheap and freshly made. The concept of street food is broadening the horizons of our taste-buds, and matching this revolution is a raft of new blogs, chronicling every development in this area. Here’s a pick of some of our favourite street food blogs from all over the world: 
A cool blog run by a couple from Australia who have an honest passion for good, tasty food. They eat as the locals do wherever they travel and are well connected on other forms of social media. The blog’s name is a Japanese B-Kyu Gurume which translates as ‘B Grade Gourmet’, which reflects affordability and real life enjoyable food.
2. The very hungry Londoner on the road. 
‘The very hungry Londoner on the road’ is another combined food and travel blog with a large section dedicated to street food. Fiona left her job in 2015 to do a bit of living and luckily this well-informed and up-to-date blog is a result of that act of freedom.
The Very Hungry Londoner
3. London Street Foodie. 
A fun and insightful blog into London’s street food scene written by Victoria Stewart, who previously worked as the ‘food editor’ at the Evening Standard. This blog covers all areas of street food, from price to taste, simplicity and geographical location, with an interesting section titled ‘London Street Food on Tour’, where Victoria has shared her international experiences of street food.
4. British Street Food. 
A well-established blog run by Richard Johnson, an award winning food journalist and broadcaster. He was also heavily involved in the opening of the Trinity Kitchen in Leeds’ biggest shopping centre. The blog also features a useful app that showcases the top spots in Britain for good street food. Richard keeps his blog well up to date with diverse posts about things, people and events.

British Street Food

5. Street Food Galore. 
Like many food bloggers, Tina Aboutaan seemingly has an equally strong passion for travelling as she does for food, which makes this blog well-informed and full of a variety of food culture. The blog is well kept and up to date, with active communities on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
6. Migrationology, Travel for Food. 
Mark Wiens has created his website and blog for ‘people who travel to eat’. He shares, very regularly, meals that he has had and enjoyed and reviews them, focusing on quality, location and price.
7. Streats. 
Written by ‘Olivianoramark’ dedicated to ‘recreating street food from all over the world’, ‘Streats’ is a slightly more hands-on blog, meaning, the author has brought her experiences of street food to the blog to share them with her audience with the intention to promote the recipes to the readers for them to experience themselves. The blog was inspired by a year in China and the cuisine that went with it, and shares some intriguing street food ideas such as dried fish, tea eggs and rice burgers.
Lamian Broth Boiling

8. Two Peas Street Food. 
Two Peas is a fairly new blog, run by a couple who decided to open a street food truck after returning from travelling the world, both with experience in hospitality and catering. The blog broadcasts the launch and success of the company so far and makes for interesting reading.
9. Super Happy Street Food Love Story. 
Super Happy Street food Love Story follows two ‘foodies’ on their travels through South-East Asia and the food they had. This diary-style blog captures the reader’s attention with vibrant photos of their breakfast, lunch and dinner. Less informative than other blogs listed but every bit as interesting.
10. Street food. 
‘Street food’ is an organisation run and maintained by NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association). The blog itself is more commercial and informative than others listed including events, reviews and discussions. The focus still remains on a love of street food, its uniqueness, ease and price.
Street Food

Do you know of any other blogs that are as passionate about street food as the list above? Let us know, we’d love to hear your comments.

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Second Year Public Relations and Communications Student at Leeds Beckett University.