Amid the Twitter rebrand and AI’s infiltration of all areas of marketing, there’s a lot going on in the world of social media. Check out the latest updates below!

Instagram simplifies content creation

Instagram is rolling out new features on Reels that will make it easier for brands to jump on trends, increase reach and edit videos.

These features make it easier to see the most popular videos and also introduce new editing capabilities to simplify and speed up content creation.

In addition, the new Reels’ browsing system means users can explore how others have used reels templates to gather inspiration for original content ideas. This is great news for social media managers everywhere!

Facebook video improvements

Meta has been introducing a range of Facebook video updates to improve user experience. From new editing tools to a simplified video tab, the platform is turning the focus to video.

Facebook has also been making it easier for users to discover popular and trending topics, as with Instagram, through redesigning the Explore tab for video. A combination of machine learning and human curation is working to serve content to users that the user should find most interesting.

X = Twitter

Elon Musk’s latest change has been rebranding Twitter to ‘X’ in possibly the biggest update the platform has ever encountered. This is all part of a wider strategy to change Twitter into a ‘super app’, to position the app as a ‘global town square’, a true online community hub.

These constant changes are creating bedlam for brands and marketeers and are one to keep an eye on, with changes almost every week.

TikTok explores AI

TikTok is continuing to explore AI, recently adding an AI-powered scripting tool to help marketers develop higher-quality video ads within the Creative Centre.

For agencies, TikTok has introduced their ‘Agency Business Center Hub’ – a platform hosting case studies, guides and tools for creating TikTok content that succeeds. This hub is targeted at agencies, consultants and SME’s to address frequent problems they may encounter when approaching TikTok campaigns.

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