From new verification options within Meta, new additions to Ads Manager for the festive period and new X/Twitter updates to its new job roles, we are here to keep you up to date on the ever-changing social media advertising world. Here’s the latest:

Meta allows business accounts to pay for verification

Following on from Meta’s paid verification updates, they have now made it available for business accounts. These can be paid for separately (for each channel) or as a combined package for $20. The subscription verification badge looks the exact same as the usual organic badge, however the subscription has more benefits such as:

  • Impersonation protection
  • Exclusive stickers
  • Expanded reach

For advertisers, this is a great way to show that your page is the official page as there are many imitations and fake accounts that advertise in Meta.

Meta releases updates to help with Christmas ad performance

As we are now in the lead up to Christmas, Meta is releasing some useful tools for advertisers to use for the festive season. These new updates include variable campaign budget options – which will allow you to set budgets to spend more/less at certain times rather than having to spend the time manually updating.

Meta is also adding more promotional ad options where shoppers will be able to access discount codes and offers in-platform. Reminder ads are also going to be made available to more businesses, these are typically used for events and notify those who express interest three times in the lead up to the event with an ad.

Finally, Meta is introducing shop ads, essentially keeping conversion ads in-platform so it can track more data to combat the tracking issues that come with conversion campaigns.

Another hit to EU targeting is likely

Sorry to those who advertise to those in the EU but Meta is continuing to make this harder and harder. Last month, Meta updated its targeting to the EU, adding the option for users to opt out of the algorithm and ultimately remove themselves from receiving personalised ads entirely.

Now, it’s considering a new subscription that upon signing up for, EU users wouldn’t receive any ads through Meta platforms. This is bad news for us advertisers as that is going to lower Meta’s audience size in the EU which could even slow the growth of their AI tool, Advantage+.

LinkedIn shares five tips for luxury brand advertisers

LinkedIn has shared another five tips for those who are looking to advertise luxury products in its platform, this looks at the positioning of the creative, the sound design of the ad and more – quite interesting and a good read for those who don’t necessarily advertise in that space.

X/Twitter releases new ad updates and subscriptions

In an attempt to make X/Twitter an ‘everything’ platform, it released new job ads not so long ago that are having new updates such as recruitment ads. These updates include improved recommendations and overall discovery of job roles within X/Twitter.

Similar to Meta’s new EU update, X/Twitter may also be developing an ad-free subscription which again is likely to make the overall targeting worse in the platform due to there not being as much data processed.

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