At Prohibition, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of trends that allow our clients to stand out as industry leaders. Podcasts have recently grabbed people’s attention and become an innovative way to share engaging content. They provide the perfect opportunity for brands to promote their expertise, discuss key trending industry topics and showcase their personality, unlike any other form of content. This year, we helped Huthwaite International do just that with the successful launch of their first podcast series: Mastering Negotiations.

Huthwaite International thought leadership podcast: Mastering Negotiations

Podcasts are relatively new when it comes to content creation, with celebrities and social media influencers generally filling this space with genres of content including story-telling, celebrity interviews, advice pieces and debate shows.
Due to the audio format, they provide an opportunity to share and discuss complex and long pieces of information that is easily digestible – something that can’t always be done in a written format. Because of this, they are often much more accessible. For example, when you’re driving, exercising or working you can’t read an article or a feature – but you can listen to a podcast.
This is why the trend of podcasts is growing. In fact, one in eight people in the UK now listen to a podcast each week, highlighting that this is a trend brands should start to take advantage of.
In February 2020, we launched Huthwaite International’s first ever podcast, Mastering Negotiations. It is a series designed to help listeners negotiate more effectively in their professional and personal lives. For Huthwaite, the aim of the podcast was to offer practical tips from their expert trainers to help negotiators get the best deal. In addition, they wanted to demonstrate their expertise and consolidate their credibility as industry leaders, to ultimately become the natural choice when choosing a training provider in sales, negotiations and behaviour change.
Alongside the management of the podcast preparation, we created and executed a social media amplification strategy. This included the creation and management of video content to ensure the impact of the podcast was well delivered by being listened to and downloaded by a highly targeted and relevant audience.

Podcasts are a fast growing trend in terms of content creation

To learn more about the podcast series, it can be found on a range of platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts. Or if you’d prefer to watch the video, head over to YouTube.
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