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What Is An Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency, also referred to as a creative or ad agency, is an organisation dedicated to creating, organising and handling ads for its clients and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing.

An ad agency is usually independent of the consumer; it may be an internal department or organisation offering an objective point of view to sell the products or services of the brand, or external business. An agency can also handle campaigns for its clients for overall marketing and branding strategies, which may also include sales.

Businesses and corporations, non-profit organisations and private agencies are typical ad agency clients. When part of an advertising campaign, companies may be employed to create TV adverts, radio advertising, online advertising, out-of-home advertising, internet marketing, and AR advertising.

What Is A Digital Advertising Agency?

A digital advertising agency is distinct from your traditional marketing firm because they typically focus on the digital world’s results-based marketing. The game’s name is Measurable Marketing and ROI. A brand-development and lead-generating machine is a digital marketing agency.

How Does An Advertising Agency Work?

To develop marketing campaigns tailored to the needs of their clients, ad agencies use a wide range of advertisement techniques. Ad agencies are working closely with the client to gather information and pitch their ideas for campaigns, followed by the creative process of making and distributing commercials.

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What Is The Role Of An Advertising Agency?

Advertisement agencies’ primary role is to plan and develop advertising campaigns for their clients and place ads in different media. Others offer a full range of support for publicity, public relations, research, promotion, and related advertising.

The role of an advertising agency is to shape the overall branding of a business to establish it as the ‘go-to’ operator that will drive leads and sales into the business. We’re a full-service agency with in-house designers, video editors, PR and communications experts that can deliver every stage of the advertising journey.

What’s The Difference Between Advertising And PR?

Advertising creates paid ads that can be sold through various media channels including online, print, television, out-of-home and radio. PR, on the other hand, is a system of strategic communications that creates mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and the public.

How can advertising help PR?

Advertising can accompany PR by providing greater brand awareness and presence.

Think about it. Advertising helps to shape an image of a brand through creative, PR not only consists of communications but creative campaigns too. By shaping not only the messages that go out to the media, but the creatives behind them, through PR you’re able to have a superior share of voice.

PR has many benefits for your overall marketing strategy such as increased reputation, brand awareness, positioning, and online growth. By pairing clever communications with advertising, you’re able to create campaigns that truly drive impact.

With public relations, you also have assets and a message to direct audiences to – whether that’s through a press release, broadcast feature, or even an interactive on-site asset through digital PR. This is the benefit of hiring both an advertising and PR communications agency. Or even better, an agency that does both.

The difference between branding and advertising

Branding represents an overall stylistic approach to advertising, this encompasses the brand guidelines, colours, themes, logos and more details that bring a brand to life and sells an advertising campaign.

As a full-service marketing, PR, and advertising agency we can help to nail your creative, as well as promote your advertising campaigns. When executed correctly together this will make your brand easily identifiable and much more appealing to the average consumer, as well as your target audience.

Advertising Options

Whether you want to boost brand awareness, increase traffic, launch a new product, or just get more sales, your strategy should include a digital advertising campaign. We’re going to look at your company, target market and overall goals and suggest using the most successful channels and tactics.

These could include:

  • Search advertising – on Google or Bing
  • Remarketing – advertising to people who have been to your website before
  • Display advertising – on the Google Display Network or with third-party providers including programmatic display advertising
  • Social advertising – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit & Instagram
  • Video advertising – on YouTube, TikTok, or website content

The online marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive and staying ahead of your peers is difficult. So why not get our seasoned digital advertising team’s support, which has all the expertise you need to make the most of the opportunities available.

One of the most significant advantages of digital advertising is the immediate results you’ll get. As it’s easy to track it, you’ll know exactly what return you’ve got for your investment. Many digital ads operate on a pay-per-click basis, which means you don’t pay anything until an interested person clicks on your website.

The role advertising now plays in e-commerce

Advertising is now a big focus for e-commerce sites. Gone are the days of solely shopping on bustling city streets, audiences are now looking for convenience and e-commerce sites offer exactly that. They can also offer a place to host a range of products whereas a store can only stock so much.

Advertising leads audiences to a brand’s product page or store, encouraging them to buy – playing a vital role in the development of retail sales and business growth.

The online marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive and keeping ahead of your peers is difficult. So why not get our digital advertising team’s support, which has all the expertise you need to make the most of the opportunities available.

One of the most significant advantages of online advertising is the immediate results you’ll see. As it’s easy to track it, you’ll know exactly what return you’ve got for your investment. Many digital ads operate on a pay-per-click basis, which means you don’t pay anything until an interested person clicks on your website.

The Coca-Cola effect in advertising

Alongside branding, advertising helps to shape the image of your brand. It’s this image that will engage and convert them into purchasing, as well as loyal fans.

I’m sure every Christmas you will recognise the Coca Cola or John Lewis advert, it’s these adverts that audiences automatically associate with the festive season and buying gifts.

It’s this season of the year when these highly anticipated adverts make a comeback and create exciting talking points online.

Our team created a story-telling brand video for major luxury jewellery retailer Goldsmiths to position them as the ‘go-to’ retailer for all your gifting needs in the run-up to Christmas, which generated more than 1.7M views on YouTube alone and the paid strategy generated over £1M in total sales.

We can create the same Coca-Cola advertising effect for your brand and position you as the go-to operator, whatever sector you operate in, from drinks to education.

Advertising Agency Services:


Creative and advertising projects

We have an extremely talented team of designers and video editors that can action any creative project.

They can also work with our team across our public relations and marketing services to ensure cohesive and slick branding across all channels.

Programmatic Advertising

Create brand awareness through the use of Programmatic Display, Audio, Phone, Connected TV advertising and digital online to get people to browse your product online, find you socially or visit your shop and website.

Social Media Advertising

Using popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat to create awareness, drive interaction, acquire professional leadership, and find new customers.

Search Advertising

Place your brand in front of consumers to buy from your company when they are looking for your product or when they are searching for valuable information that can help them decide.

This is growing ever-more important when it comes digital advertising. In the UK alone, e-commerce accounts for over a quarter of total retail sales according to research.

Advertising Intelligence

Gain insights from research and in-depth strategic analysis on your product, competition, market and media success.

Get a strong and thorough understanding of how these interconnected components lead to the success of marketing.


Brand Impact Measurement

Understand how ad design, innovative execution, ad stream, view frequency and system, can affect brand awareness, perception, customer perceptions, communication of key messages and purchase intent.

Location sourcing

Ensure your message is getting seen by the right audience; whether that’s in bustling city centres, on a motorway, on billboards, or stalls for an event.

We can help you find the right location to advertise your campaign and drive footfall. No need for additional services.

We’ve done this to educate and inspire audiences to buy smarter for British Wool, spread awareness of The Light as Leisure venue, and a number of other clients.

Campaign strategy

No channel or platform is the same. Trust us, we know. We’ve been in the industry for 10+ years.

We can share our expertise to help to shape your overall strategy across social media marketing, influencer marketing, PR, advertising, and digital marketing to drive real business results.

Audience Profiles

Use User Profiles to understand, connect, and learn more about your customers.

We can do this through persona marketing to ensure you’re creating relevant branding and communications to your audience.

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Media planning

Make sure you’re using the best forms of media to reach your target audience to aid sales -whether it’s through targeted ads, corporate video marketing, or out-of-home advertising.

Our expert and integrated media planning expertise will ensure you’re optimising your advertising campaigns.

We will do continued testing on not only your media content, but on your audience, so you’re driving relevancy and impact.

Competitor research

We can analyse your competitors content and how to stay ahead of them through our social 360 tool.

It uses data and insight from a range of industry-leading tools to guide and makes recommendations on your content strategy.

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Our Marketing & Creative Agency Services

Graphic design

      • Social media assets
      • Out of home advertising
      • Event promotion
      • Digital adverts
      • Logo design
      • Print design
      • Digital design

PR and Marketing communications

Video production

    • Cooperate
    • Brand videos
    • Conference/event videos
    • Videos for social media as part of PR campaigns
    • Promotional videos
    • TV advertising
    • Animations
    • Demo/educational videos
    • Influencer campaigns

We have designers and video editors in-house that will work to brand guidelines to deliver client objectives.

Create a recognisable brand

Everything from a brand’s logo, to colours, to fonts – establishes an image of that brand.

Heard the saying ‘people buy into the brand before buying into the product’? Well, this is very true. Building a strong brand identity can make your brand instantly recognisable without heavy use of tag lines and trademarks.

In order to engage customers for a lifetime, you need to build a personality of your brand. The same general sales advert won’t sell to audiences these days, they’re looking for deeper core values and meaning. Especially in this era, where audiences are now looking for brands to take a stance on sustainability and issues with the environment. Research shows audiences across all generations—from Baby Boomers to Gen Z—are now willing to spend more for sustainable products.

So not only is creating a good profile for your business integral to consumer purchases but promoting your ethical practices too. So long as you back up your words with action, otherwise this could be seen as greenwashing – opening you up to a PR disaster.

Building stronger customer relations

More and more consumers are looking for authenticity from businesses when it comes to advertising campaigns.

Our consumer content report found that the vast majority of consumers (86%) said authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. Advertising offers a chance to connect with your target prospects on a more personal level and pushes them further down the sales funnel.

The use of catchy slogans or celebrity partnerships is one of the ways to emotively appeal to your audience and created heightened awareness online through shared media. When friends and digital communities come together, it expands the reach much further.

Increases consumer trust

The more recognised your brand is, for the right reasons, the more you will be seen as an industry-leader amongst consumer audiences – inserting more buyer confidence. Ads can also be used as a big focus to address consumer concerns, product queries, or collect general feedback and inspire more audiences to actively engage. Inspiring more audiences to interact with your brand will create heightened engagement and often create channel growth.

Drive sales through advertising

The role of advertising is to advertise your marketplace, without this how are consumers going to find you?

Not only that, but how are consumers going to find information on your products? This is the important role advertising plays in your company’s revenue, as both in your offline and digital strategy help to direct audiences to your company.

Advertising can optimise efforts of both your offline and digital strategy to build an instantly recognisable profile for both audiences.

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Power reach through paid advertising

Looking to reach a certain audience? Our paid advertising agency services are able to amplify your social media content to reach target audience wherever they may be through many audience targeting options such as locations, ages, interests, and much more.

Paid social advertising allows you to reach audiences of hundreds of thousands or millions of users that organic content can struggle to replicate. It can help to reach new audiences or re-engage audiences that have engaged with your content before and trigger them to buy.

This can also be controlled on an allocated budget, so you’re getting more return for your budget and provide insightful audience insights. Through unique audience insights we’re able to identify who is taking an active interest in your content and where there are missed sales opportunities.

Educate your audience on your products and features

Advertising enables to you to educate your audiences on your offering – whether this is a new product update or a completely new range.

This enables your company to set your products apart from others in the market and answer any questions your prospects may have. It can also lure in new customers through new customer offers and USP’s to introduce your products to them.

You can also include information about where your product is sold, how to purchase it, any promotions you might be running – all of which entices prospects to buy.

New products come and go in the market, so make sure yours is set up for success through our Product Launch PR service.

Video marketing to make your ideas a reality

Struggling to convey your brand values or drive excitement around your product launches?

Video marketing offers a medium for advertisers to speak about product testimonials, events, partnerships, or projects that graphics can’t mirror – due to their static form. In addition to this, the leading social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and also now Instagram is predominantly video-focussed and favour accounts that regularly post videos.

This is even more beneficial for performance when using key figures such as influencers, customers, or company owner that are known to bring an extra level of trust – which we can implement as part of our integrated marketing services.

Our Creative Team can produce a wide range of videos, everything from TV adverts, podcasts, to short-form, and much more.

YouTube video

New ways for your prospects to find your business

It goes without saying that for any marketing strategy to work, it needs to be relevant to your audience.

But the more time and effort invested in it, the more ways for audiences to find you through different channels and platforms. Shopping features on channels, such as TikTok and Instagram are shaping the way for search through sharable content that encourages users to search for products or queries.

These social media channels have billions of users each month, meaning more ways for audiences to interact with your brand.

Although it doesn’t hold as much SEO value as link building, social media content still sends SEO signals to search engines, so remember this when planning your social media content – crawlers will recognise both bad and good content.

Integrate marketing, PR, and creative for maximum brand awareness and results

Here at Prohibition, we’re a full-service agency, meaning we can blend campaigns across social media, paid advertising, media relations, influencer marketing, out-of-home advertising and content marketing to achieve not only maximum brand exposure but succinct brand messaging.

We’re also able to link the worlds of offline and online advertising to support every area of your branding. So, whether you need thumb-stopping paid ad assets, striking print designs, or need our help with big projects such as store openings – we can help every step of the way.

The importance of brand communications in advertising

A successful advertising campaign will command the attention of its target audience. So, messaging is everything.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s through PR comms, web design, or radio features – one PR crisis is enough to create a negative ever-lasting effect on a brand’s reputation and turn customers away.

For both new and household brands, this is fundamentally important. As there’s one main factor, they’re both most likely operating in a highly competitive market.

So to stand out, for new brands you need to establish your identity and for popular brands, you’re facing a greater volume of criticism, due to being more in the public eye.

The importance of communications in the public sphere

In the digital landscape, there’s more ways than ever to be the subject of a PR disaster, through social media, podcasts, news articles, and much more – all consumed by millions of people daily. Don’t let that be you.

We’re communications experts, we consult leading brands on how to effectively manage their comms as well as running countless campaigns ourselves over the past 10+ years. We can be your Project Manager, Managing Partner, Creative Director, and help shape your art direction – as part of your overall creative process.

Luxury PR in advertising

If you’re a luxury brand, then you’ll know the art of luxury advertising is through storytelling.

Luxury audiences aren’t just looking for any average story, they’re looking for pure quality and class. So, your advertising campaign needs to be held to the same manner. We’ve run many luxury campaigns for household names such as Goldsmiths, Sealy, Kurt Geiger, as well as a number of small businesses and challenger brands.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a luxury brand in the luxury lifestyle, luxury hotel, or luxury travel industry; we’re here to get your project moving and deliver results!

Industry-leading consulting and training

Using in-depth plan consultation and development – in addition to creative PR and marketing – we can relaunch your established brand or launch a new brand to the market, helping you reach the top of your industry.

From VIP relationships and partnership alignments to brand consulting and PR strategy, we provide a range of tailored PR consultancy services. We can help with event strategy, fashion shows, social media development, trend identification, and much more.

Together our Owners and Founders Will Ockenden and Chris Norton have 50+ years of project management and consulting experience in PR and social media agencies. So, you’re in good hands!

What industries do we work in?

We’ve been in the advertising game for 10+ years, enabling our team to work across a variety of different industries – we’re a food PR, FMCG PR, health and beauty PR, and public sector PR agency – all in one.

So, you can put faith that our branding and advertising expertise covers your sector too. When the vast majority of first customer interactions will be from your advertising campaigns – it makes it even more important to get it right.

Why hire Prohibition PR as your Branding Agency?

Experience of running advertising campaigns in different markets

When it comes to advertising campaigns, there’s big budgets to play with. You want a trusted advertising agency that knows the market and can resonate with people on a local and international level. That’s us.

From exploding the No.1 global pre-workout brand C4 into the UK market for their POS sale launch for major retailer WHSmith’s, to launching the world’s first poo powered pub for Yorkshire Water through an integrated PR campaign, to running B2B lead generation campaign that would target key buyers within the hospitality sector for Fentimans – we can run a manner of advertising campaigns on a local, national, or international level.

You can guarantee that when you work with us, we’ll bring our arsenal of big ideas to the table and make your brand stand out for the right reasons.

Multi-award-winning PR and advertising agency

There’s a lot of award-winning agencies out there, but we’re not like other advertising agencies, we’re a multi-award-winning agency.

We’ve bagged over 45 awards for our branded campaigns, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We put the same award-winning process into every campaign we work on, no matter the size of the brand.

We’ve worked on advertising campaigns for global brands, all the way to start-ups. So you can put your faith in us that we’re one of the top advertising agencies that goes above and beyond to deliver for our clients!

In-house team of advertising, PR, and marketing specialists

No need to source multiple agencies or source expensive freelancers, we’re your go-to destination if you’re looking for a marketing agency, digital agency, PR agency, social media agency, and branding agency – we can help to support all your marketing strategy in-house.

Our creative services boasts a team of a multimedia designers, video editors, and photographers that can create content for every-channel you can think of.

If you want an agency that can deliver more results and be more efficient, then you’ve come to the right place.

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