Taking Fentimans to OOH

Taking Fentimans to OOH
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Fentimans is a leading luxury soft drink brand, that is heavily sold in many supermarket retailers, bars and restaurants across the UK.

The brand approached Prohibition PR to deliver a B2B lead generation campaign that would target key buyers within the hospitality sector – to increase brand awareness and nudge them over the line.


Following a content audit, Prohibition chose to utilise the brand’s annual market report to reach white-collar roles within key hospitality brands through a new targeted approach.

The Fentimans Market Report is a resource the brand had produced in previous years, to provide key insights into the main changes coming to the hospitality sector. And with 2020/21 being a turbulent year for the industry due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions – the 2022 report had significant insights we could promote through PR, creative, organic social and paid advertising activity.


By using the insights from within the 2022 report, Prohibition developed a content marketing campaign through 4 key approaches:

Campaign hub: To provide Fentimans with new data and bolster its CRM system, the market report was gated on a campaign landing page. The campaign hub also included an introductory video to highlight key trends from the report and a trends calculator for digital PR activity.

Creative videos: To bring the market report to life, a series of five short videos were created. The aim of the video content was to help drive the target audience from LinkedIn through to the campaign hub, where they would then download the market report.

LinkedIn advertising plan: To generate ongoing leads and website traffic, an organic and paid LinkedIn campaign plan was created. Users who did not download the report were then retargeted with ad content.

Press office: A trade press office was established for Fentimans during the campaign period, to drive awareness of the key trends highlighted within the 2022 market report. Key tactics included targeted media relations and forward feature tracking, across key hospitality and OOH media.


The campaign was bold and went beyond anything that Fentimans had done before – winning (Gold) at the CIPR awards 2022 for Corporate and Business Communications Campaign, as well as achieving the following results:

  • 33K video views
  • Cost per click at £3.96 from paid activity
  • Total media circulation of 126K

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