Do you also run a brand online? Are you also facing difficulties in tracking the progress of your brand’s growth and figuring out what the social media marketing campaigns are doing for you? Well, if that’s the case, we might have the most fitting solution for you.

Tracking and monitoring your brand is extremely necessary to track growth and optimise your operations according to the audience’s response. If you are not aware of it before, allow us to explain; what you need is social listening software to track and monitor your brand’s activity.

If you are new to the concept of social listening, let us have a look at it in detail for you to better comprehend the idea.

Why do you need social listening software?

Social listening is a tool that allows you to track sentiments in real-time. In the time of Web 3.0, no one can ignore the importance of social media and the number of customers it can bring to your brand.

Now you would understand how pivotal it is to monitor your brand’s activity on social media. It allows you to check the response from the audience and see how people have reacted to your posts and track mentions and much other stuff.

Once you have figured out how your audience responds to a certain service or product, it becomes more convenient to work around those behaviours and optimise your marketing approach accordingly.

This will hence, allow for a more targeted and niche audience to be attracted to your brand where there is a higher conversion rate from traffic to customers.

Social Listening Vs. Social Monitoring

Many people assume that these two are the same kinds of operations; the reality, however, is on the contrary. Social monitoring solely refers to monitoring the behaviours and actions on the social profiles. However, social listening also suggests and calibrates actionable responses to counter any weak areas or subjugate the market through strategic marketing campaigns.

While social monitoring is the basic step to monitor your brand’s growth, social listening is the advanced way to decide suitable responses to address any identified problems.

Social listening is a tool that allows you to track sentiments in real-time.

Importance of Social Listening

Here are a few factors due to which social listening holds great importance.

Client Engagement & Retentiveness

A study has shown that clients like it when brands engage with them. 46% of consumers state that for them, a brand that engages its customers through social media is the best.

Moreover, if your clients are happy with your engagement with them, it increases their retentiveness ratio on your social media. This can further lead to conversion from regular traffic to regular customers.

Track Your Brand’s Growth

Often, when sales hit rock bottom, many brands cannot figure out what went wrong and are unable to create a decisive and effective comeback plan. Social listening allows you to track the activity of your brand.

The deterrents can be figured out more conveniently by combining them with real-time analytics and history. Besides, the tools provide the methods to remove those blockades.

Better than a Team

Appointing a team to track your brand’s activity might sound like a good idea, but the reality lies on the other side. Firstly, you need a big team to cover all aspects of your brand’s activity. Secondly, managing those people is a hectic job itself, and the more people there are, the more salaries you have to give out.

Lastly, human limitations and errors might result in inaccurate or irrelevant data, and the approach would not be strong enough. Hence, it is more reasonable to use a tool rather than lookout for an entire team.

A brand that engages its customers through social media is the best

How does it help you?

Track Influencers

If you are interested in hiring the services of influencers for the growth or marketing of your brand, it will also help track social media influencers in your field who might be of your fit. This is done through some basic filters and hashtag tracking on the influencer‘s profiles.

Optimise Strategy

If your brand is not doing so well, it can help bring it out of the current crisis by providing you with statistical data of potential customers and using optimised campaign strategies and tracking to bring more followers to your account.

A bigger audience means more potential customers. And when your campaigns are run in the right manner, you will surely get a boost in your sales.

What branding strategy should you stay updated on?

It’s enticing to track every mention of your brand anywhere. People might be conversing about it when you’re monitoring your brand. However, it’s critical to be deliberate about what you’re monitoring and the networks you want to monitor. This keeps you from amassing an enormous amount of data from which to draw conclusions, and it allows you to gain more insight from the results you discover.

The following are some of the most important channels to check up on:

  •         Online news sources
  •         Every social media forum
  •         Reddit and Quora are two examples of online forums.
  •         TripAdvisor and Yelp are examples of online review sites
  •         Printing media (if you have the measures to actively check the relevant publications)

In addition to analysing the appropriate channels, ensure that you are tracking all aspects of your brand that may earn brand awareness and publicity. Prefer aspects that are relevant and engaging to your brand and the business when determining what to monitor.


Social listening is the futuristic way to manage a brand’s online presence. Numerous multinational corporations use it due to its high effectiveness and systematic order. Whether your brand serves a specific community or an entire nation, the above measure works perfectly for monitoring your brand. So level up your social media marketing strategy today by using these tactics for your brand.

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