Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past week, you will probably have heard of, and most likely signed up to the latest Meta platform – Threads. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s response to the downfall of Twitter was to create an almost identical app to rival Twitter’s format (obviously). 

Unsurprisginly, brands and social media personalities have flocked to the app in their masses in an attempt to maintain their status, on yet another social media app. So who has stood out from the crowd? We’ve taken a look at some of best brand reactions to Threads so far:

Aldi UK 

It would be rude to start with any brand other than; Aldi UK,. known for its somewhat controversial approach, risky strategy, and their feud with M&S. Everyone’s favourite supermarket social media team has ‘entered the chat’.

It didn’t take Aldi long to start poking fun at M&S, and we have to admit… it really doesn’t get old. Well, not yet anyway!



Up next we have everyone’s favourite streaming service, Netflix. Netflix has remained true to its brand personality and has taken the opportunity to showcase some of the most recognisable memes from the shows and movies it streams.


Boots UK went for the relatable approach, in an attempt to unite some of the UK’s biggest brand’s social media managers, in a moment of panic and caffeine-fueled strategy planning with this thread.


With the birth of threads adding to the ever-growing social media void, BuzzFeed captured what we are all essentially feeling at this point, and poked fun at the digital pressures of modern life.


Channel 4 

Over to channel 4, who couldn’t have summed up our sentiments any better. With the use of an image from one of their hit shows, Derry Girls, to match the current (slightly unhinged) feel of Threads. Nailed it.

And, how could we not mention this one… 


Gymshark brought humour and personality to their Threads debut, poking fun at the speed Meta launched the app, as well as perfectly summarising the mood of all social media managers right now.



Fashion inspiration page whowhatwear used the hype of the upcoming Barbie movie to enter the world of Threads. Jumping on the film’s slogan; ‘She’s everything. He’s just Ken.’ – with Threads being Barbie, and Twitter being ‘just Ken’.

So, is Threads the end of Twitter?! 

We’re looking forward to seeing where Meta takes the app and how it develops… only time will tell!

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