With the social media landscape ever-changing, there are always different updates and trends emerging that social media managers need to be mindful of.  It’s vitally important to keep on top of these trends, no matter how often they might change, if you want your brand to stay relevant and ensure your content resonates with your target audience.

If you prefer a quick video to learn for the latest social media trends here are the highlights from our latest webinar.

Here, we’ve put together a round up of the most recent trends to be aware of across various social channels.

Instagram launches 3D avatars and story likes

In February, Meta launched 3D Avatars for use on Instagram Stories and DMs for users in the US, Canada and Mexico. It is expected that, should the rollout go well, 3D avatars will be introduced in the UK and Europe too. Alongside this, in March, Mark Zuckerberg announced that NFT’s will soon be on Instagram as the Meta verse moves closer to a reality.

Instagram has also introduced story likes recently a new way to quickly interact with stories on the platform which requires little time and effort for the user.

In terms of trends on the channel, there have been an array of story poll debates throughout March around “Which are there more of” – wheels vs doors, grass vs hair. These have taken off across all platforms, with particular prevalence on Instagram through the story poll stickers. This highlights how simple trends that make people think and cause a bit of a debate resonate well.

Facebook becomes the go to for customer services enquires and launches Facebook reels

Facebook reels have been gaining traction recently as the platform mirrors the short-form content trend popularised by TikTok, following success on Instagram. This will be one to watch for marketeers working across both platforms as the rollout will crucially flop or fly in coming months.

For customer service, Facebook messenger is becoming the go-to for dealing with queries, with customers increasingly turning to Facebook to find out about brands and address queries on messenger. This makes regular monitoring of the platform more important than ever, to monitor your brand’s reputation and address public concerns as soon as possible.

Facebook becomes the customer service go to for consumers

Twitter users take a stand to call for action

From a CSR standpoint, consumers are using Twitter to call for governments and corporations to take more action against climate change in what has been dubbed “The Great Restoration”. This seems to follow an overall trend of geo-political discussions on the app – including addressing and discussing the recent Ukraine crisis. The platform has become notable for addressing issues in real time and continues to do so – making it one for social media managers to have eyes on at all times.

For the finance community, conversations around finance, crypto and DeFi have really picked up on Twitter. The openness and transparency of the platform is fuelling debates and conversations within the finance community/NFT culture.

LinkedIn remains a key focus for recruitment

LinkedIn has remained a top platform for recruitment and job searching, with over 75% of people who recently changed jobs using LinkedIn to inform their decision – learning about the people and the culture before committing to a new position! This is important to note for any business’ recruitment strategy – if you aren’t correctly representing your company and culture on LinkedIn this may be something to consider as it helps to paint a picture of the business.

For B2B marketeers, it’s been noted that content shared by employees gets 2x greater engagement than content shared by the company alone, as the trend for a human face on B2B marketing continues to grow. Employee advocacy is therefore definitely worth considering for your strategy.

LinkedIn remains key for business recruitment drives

Tik-Tok continues to drive e-commerce

Tik-Tok’s recent growth has been astounding and it’s no surprise that the platform continues to be an e-commerce driver, with 67% of users surveyed in February 2022 saying that TikTok inspired them to shop, even when they weren’t looking to do so, with the #tiktokmademebuy it continuing to trend.

For businesses, brand presence on TikTok is increasingly becoming an essential for brands wanting to connect with their audiences. This is particularly prevalent for B2C marketeers who should be implementing TikTok into their strategies, if they haven’t already! It’s certainly something we’ve got our eye on…

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