The world of social media is ever evolving, so it’s crucial to keep up to date with the ongoing updates and developments. Here’s the latest:

Instagram’s AI stickers

Instagram has released its latest AI feature, allowing users to create AI stickers with a simple written prompt – an AI process we are all becoming more familiar with.

At the time of writing, the AI stickers are only available to a select number of users as a trial however, if successful, the stickers will be widely rolled out as a new feature for all users to enjoy. The question remains for brands and content creators around how to make the most of these new AI features to embrace more creativity into comms.

Influencer taking a photo for social media

X introduces new premium features

Elon Musk is rolling out yet more updates on X, now announcing new features for the users paying for the premium subscription.

The most notable update is ranked posts, meaning that paying users content is displayed above non-subscribers. Paying users also have the option to limit comments – a big update for brands who may struggle with negative interactions or troll comments.

TikTok updates its content posting software

TikTok are forever evolving with the times and has now launched an update to its Content Posting software.

Media platform owners now have the option to integrate their site with TikTiok so that users will be able to post content directly from an external site to their TikTok accounts.

LinkedIn explore AI

LinkedIn has decided to incorporate AI strategies on its site to improve and streamline hiring and marketing processes for users.

The ‘Recruiter 2024’ feature provides employers with potential employees that have a suited skillset to the job, speeding up the hiring process – this is great news for any upcoming recruitment campaigns on the platform!

The platform has also launched Accelerate, an AI-powered B2B marketing campaign creator to support B2B marketeers. From goal setting to audiences to supporting with content creation, Accelerate claims to support with it all – definitely one to explore in Q4.

Logging into LinkedIn on a mobile device


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