The buzzword of 2023 so far has been ‘AI’ and no matter your profession, everyone is incorporating AI into their life – whether that is through ChatGPT or other AI tools that seem to be taking over.

Meta are also offering AI support, via its AI, Advantage+ tool. Here’s some insight into how you can be using the tool for your advertising.

What is Advantage+?

Meta’s Advantage+ is very similar to other AI tools, it takes in data from its own platform on which ad is performing best, what copy to give to each individual, which placement will perform best and so on. It does this to try and make the most of your campaigns by applying those learnings to them.

It has had plenty of time to learn now and Meta are pushing it to advertisers to use and improve the results of campaigns. Essentially, it is a tool that takes some of the optimising out of your hands (although you should still be manually optimising on a daily basis of course!)

How you can use Advantage+?


The first way you can use Advantage+ is through the Advantage campaign budget+ option when first setting up your campaign. Here you can apply a daily or lifetime budget and this will cover your whole campaign (no need for individual ad set budgets).

Using this, Meta will spend your budget on your best performing ad set(s) and ad(s) and then it will also lower the budget of those ads that are performing worse. This doesn’t turn off any ads but only redirects the budget to those that are the best performing.




Next up is through Advantage+ placements, here is where Meta will optimise which placement your ad will appear to each user from. Meta has a vast array of different placements that you can choose from when building your ad campaigns, using Advantage+ will do your job for you and deliver the ads in the best possible way to your intended audience.




Another way you can take advantage of Meta’s AI is through its creative options. By using this you can upload multiple different assets and copy to one single ad and Meta’s AI will then select specific choices based on each individual user who is delivered the ad and choose the best option for them to deliver to your audience.


Changes to EU policy

For those who advertise to an EU audience, there have recently been some changes that you should be aware of when advertising. Following on from recent updates to Meta’s EU advertising, they have announced that Meta users in EU countries will be able to opt out of the algorithmic experience. This means that any data that Meta would have been receiving before the change, will no longer be being received by Advantage+. Something to be aware of if you do advertise to the EU.

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