Another month, another ads round-up to make sure you are all up to date on the recent changes/updates. From new AI tools to major brands pulling budgets from advertising on X, we cover all of the updates that you should be keeping up on.

Meta previews new generative AI tools

With the introduction of AI tools being one of the key trends we expect to see continue into 2024, it is no surprise that Meta is previewing new generative AI tools to help create video and images based on text prompts.

This will use Meta’s AI research project called Emu Video and will be able to create four-second-long videos based of prompts and product shots.

Meta new lead gen and content creation options to help in the festive period

To help advertisers with festive promotions, Meta has announced a new update to its lead gen campaigns. Advertisers are now able to direct users to WhatsApp/Messenger when running lead generation campaigns, this comes after Meta has noticed people are engaging more through DMs which is great for driving potential connections with customers.

Following this, Meta has also released a new guide to its lead gen ad options which we would recommend everyone who is new to lead gen, or regularly runs these types of campaigns to read over.

Finally, Instagram has launched some new creator tools for Reels and stories, including text-to-speech options (similar to TikTok), alternative fonts, a GIF ‘clip hub’ which will enable creators to add popular memes to their content and new photo filter/tone options. These should help with adding an extra piece of creativity to upcoming campaigns.

Along with these creation updates, Instagram are also adding an update to Reel insights where replay stats will now be available – very useful for reporting as you will now be able to see how engaged users are.

Meta’s ad-free subscription package is quite literally ad-free

Following Meta’s continued changes to the EU’s ad policies, it released a paid for subscription where users could pay a monthly fee and receive no ads on Facebook or Instagram. Some of these ad free subscriptions are causing users to not be able to run ads whatsoever.

The reason for this is those who subscribe through their Instagram/Facebook personal account agree to Meta’s terms to where their personal account data can’t be used in the ads – this is included when using your own account to create/run your own campaigns.


X – link previews return

After months of negative updates, X has listened to the feedback it has been receiving and will now be reimplementing the full link preview.

X is losing ad spend for the festive period

Due to all the changes to X in the past year, many brands have been very vocal about how they are taking their ad spend away from the platform, users are now predicting this could spark an even bigger shift away from the platform.

With the platform’s recent controversy around the Israel-Hamas war and the misinformation surrounding this, even more investors have pulled out which is leading other brands to not want to advertise through this platform.

LinkedIn introduces new Conversions API for its ads

LinkedIn has announced some new technical updates to its ad tools, including a new Conversions API. This tool will work similarly to Meta’s Conversions API where it will help advertisers track data without the need for cookie tracking. This bypasses any user who may have opted out of data tracking and gives more accurate data within the ad platform.

LinkedIn launches a marketing campaign to help with the confusion around B2B buzzwords

LinkedIn has released a video campaign, promoting the common confusion around B2B marketing. With so many buzzwords being thrown around it can get confusing, especially for those who don’t work in a B2B space to LinkedIn have released a series of videos highlighting these buzzwords, running with the line ‘Parents don’t get B2B, LinkedIn does’.

LinkedIn adds new tool to help healthcare workers find the right jobs

LinkedIn has released some new features that allow LinkedIn users to add their qualifications and preferences when it comes to advertising for healthcare roles. This allows those who work in healthcare to add their skills and job preferences in their profiles which will make it easier for recruiters to find the right match.

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