Each month there are more and more changes being made to social media, especially social media advertising. Here are the latest updates to be aware of.

Meta expands Reel ad options

Video is becoming the centre piece of each social media platform and Meta are constantly updating their Reels with new settings and opportunities. To start with, Meta has added ad placement on already existing Reels, so that advertisers can place ads on Reel creator’s content. This allows the user to be able to view reels without being interrupted.

Meta has also introduced app install ads for Reels as well as music optimisation for Facebook Reels. The music optimisation will allow an advertiser to be able to add music to their single image Reel ads to enhance their content.

New requirements have been introduced for EU advertising in Meta

In an effort to be more transparent and to keep to EU regulations Meta has updated targeting for the EU and worldwide ads targeting. The new update now means that advertisers need to include the beneficiary of the ad and then who is paying for the ad. From August, this information will be visible in the Ad Library within Ads Manager

Meta adds new tools for creators

Meta has introduced multiple updates for content creators within their platforms. First of all, they introduced a new ‘Inspiration Hub’, this will highlight the top Reel trends with data on the most popular topics, music and hashtags.

As well as this, Meta has launched a ‘Templates Hub’ to give creators access to popular Reel templates. They are also working on combining the text audio and music options into one place to make the editing of content in app much easier.

Finally, Meta is working to allow cross-posting of branded content from Instagram to Facebook and vice versa, so that creators can maximise engagement and reach. This is a part of a bigger update for the platform which is introducing a Performance Bonus Program which is similar to TikTok’s Creator Fund.

‘Twitter Recruiting’ to be added to the platform

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, it has been working on becoming a platform that covers everything. From this, a new Twitter Recruiting element is being tested where verified organisations within the platform will be able to share recruitment posts on their feed. This will allow advertisers to advertise job openings directly within the platform.

LinkedIn updating video ad placements

LinkedIn is testing expanded ad placements on steaming services. This would allow advertisers to have a much wider reach through LinkedIn advertising as the ads would be appearing on third party services.

There are also new ad placements available within LinkedIn itself, advertisers can now place their ads on Audience Network videos before the video starts and for mid-rolls. Conversation ads and Thought Leader ads will also become available from July. Conversation ads invite users to start a chat with you directly from an ad, thought leadership ads allow the advertiser to promote content from verified employees of their organisation.


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