Prohibition's 2020 Social Media Timeline

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Social media continues to develop grow and adapt, some things are good and some things are pretty bad but one thing remains the same with social, our lust for the next new channel that will offer something different.

In this post, I will share our latest social media infographic.

New generations = new platforms

It appears that each generation wants its own platform. We had MySpace then we had Facebook. We then moved to Snapchat and now it appears the newbies are all about TikTok.

Prohibition's 2020 Social Media Timeline

Social Media Timeline Updated from 2017

Back in 2017, I created a social media timeline Infographic and it appeared to go down really well with loads of people sharing it and discussing the different channels that had been and gone. However, amazingly that was three years ago and three years in social media marketing is like 30 yearsas we all know.

2020 means its time for a mobile phone

Since 2017 we have had a lot of new sites arrive and vanish and so we felt it was a great time to take another fresh look over the social media landscape in 2020. We have created the infographic to look like a mobile phone screen to make it nice and easy to read. If you want to use it on your own site and share with your readers please can you just past in the embed code and is should all paste in nicely.

I am sure there is nobody out there that can name every single channel we have listed and it proved quite challenging just getting all of the logos but we think we may have nailed it.

So grab a coffee, sit back and reminisce about when social media wasn’t quite what it is today in 2020. It was so much easier then in 2008 when the Fail Whale used to make an appearance.

So hopefully, you enjoyed that if you can’t name more than ten you probably need some of our social media training.

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