The world of social media is constantly changing and evolving – keeping social media managers and marketers on their toes! Last month, we saw some really exciting updates to the world of social media across all platforms. Here’s five of them that all marketers should know about.

New Twitter reactions are coming

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter is now considering introducing emoji-style reactions and up and down votes! Not only will this enable users to express a wider variety of responses to content than just ‘liking’ something, it will also prove beneficial to businesses. This is because they’ll be able to pinpoint the exact sentiment and reactions to their content.

The update will also provide different ways to encourage engagement on specific content and competitions. For example, asking people to respond to a poll with the relevant emoji reaction. This is an exciting update from Twitter and could introduce new and creative content ideas for social media marketers.

Twitter introduces a new shopping feature

With the continued popularity surrounding e-commerce, it was fairly obvious that Twitter would follow suit sooner or later – and our predictions were right, they have! During its Analyst Day presentation, the platform revealed various new e-commerce options that are currently in development.

One of which is the new ‘Twitter card type’ for e-commerce, which adds a ‘Shop’ CTA button leading to a page where an item can be purchased. The e-commerce Twitter card will also include a product title and code, along with the ‘Shop’ button. Items listed will show the product price and information sourced from the page on the businesses website. This is a great feature for consumer brands as it will offer another platform to directly sell and target customers – nice one Twitter!

Twitter release new e-commerce shopping feature

Facebook begins developing speech recognition software

Facebook is aiming to develop its speech recognition software and unsurprisingly this will involve the collection of more data from users. However, the method of data collection is slightly unconventional as they’re asking users to send voice recordings of themselves as part of this data expansion!  The speech recognition software is predicted to lead to new features being added to Facebook in the future. This is quite an interesting new feature and is something that’s still a work in progress. We’ll be sure to share any further updates once we know them!

Instagram continues to develop Reels

Whilst Instagram’s Reels have proven to be a valid competitor to TikTok and have been really well received since they were introduced, TikTok still allows its creators to have more editing and creating options compared to Instagram – such as stitch and duet. To combat this, Instagram have levelled up! They’re now implementing a new remix feature to Reels that will allow creators to react to other peoples content on the platform. This will give users, marketers and brands a whole new way to be creative.

Instagram continues to develop Instagram Reels

LinkedIn offer new planning guide to support brands with campaign launches

To help marketers map out an effective and engaging campaign, LinkedIn has released a 38-page guide (cheat sheet!), full of worksheets and templates to help guide businesses on how to create good campaigns. Within this document it helps steer businesses in the right direction in terms of best practice, how to build ads around central objectives and ad specifications. This is a really useful document from LinkedIn and should definitely be utilised to achieve really successful campaigns on the platform!

Clubhouse launch Creator Accelerator Program

Due to the sudden growth of audio, social app Clubhouse has accelerated its growth plans too. The app has announced its new ‘Creator First’ programme which will provide help and support to a select few creators, helping them build their audience and monetise their efforts.

Clubhouse has also hired Maya Watson, who previously served as director of social media, editorial and publishing at Netflix, to become their new head of global marketing. We’re keeping an eye on this new app and how it develops in the social media world!

Clubhouse launch Creator Accelerator Program


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