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Being the only female in the Prohibition PR office today, the boys we’re very quick to hand over the task of researching weddings today. Who was I to oblige? I was more than happy to take up the job, and needless to say by the end of it, I had the perfect idea of how I wanted my big day to be – despite the fact it’s nowhere to be seen in the near future.
OMG I'm Getting MarriedNever the less, the blogs in this space were very impressive and full of creative and unique ideas. My personal favourite was the OMG I’m getting married blog, which you can surprisingly find to the bottom of our list at number 18. Using URL Spy, I was able to get a clear indication as to which blogs were the most popular and most influential by sorting them by the amount of in-links they had. From my research, I present to you the ultimate list of the top 20 wedding blogs:
1. Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride
Getting ‘gold’ in the list of top influential wedding blogger lists is Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride. Infact, since its’ launch in 2007, it has featured in pretty much every major wedding magazine in the UK – Including Cosmopolitan Brides and Perfect Wedding. The blog is filled with stories of different, creative concepts of weddings, from vintage themed to Alice in Wonderland. It’s quite an interesting blog to read – focusing on the more “quirky” weddings. Not only great for brainstorming initial wedding idea’s, but this blog is also a really good read for entertainment purposes too!
2. Chris Giles Photography
Chris Giles is a UK based photographer who captures the emotions of the wedding so accurately and elegantly. What’s interesting and unique about this blog is that Chris takes you through the whole day by just using images. A very visual blog, this was one of my favourites.
3. Love My Dress
Love My Dress, which was established in 2009, is a broad wedding blog which covers most of the concepts needed to ensure the bride looks dazzling on her big day. From make-up tutorials, to DIY on how to make your own wedding materials, to ideas for that all-important dress, everything posted on this website is classy and glam. What I personally enjoy about the blog – and what I think makes it different to the others – is the ‘discussion’ section. In this section, everything from weather age matters in a marriage to how to keep your marriage is alive is discussed between the author and the readers – a great way to probe engagement. This is probably one of my favourite blogs to make the list.
4. Rock My Wedding
I like blogs that offer variation – and that is exactly what Rock My Wedding has to offer. From both bridal and maid fashion, to how to take a good picture at the wedding, this blog offers advice on every aspect of the big day. There is even a directory for those looking to buy or sell second hand dresses – Weather you’re willing to look for a second hand one or not, you can’t deny that the bargain of a Vera Wang wedding dress for just over £1000! The blog also allows brides to seek advice from their very own agony aunt, and they frequently have experts (florists, wedding cake designers) featuring in articles. They also get extra brownie points from me for the easy navigation embedded!
5. Red Seven Leisure
The must humorous part of the wedding experience has to be the hen and stag do, and this is exactly what this blog focuses on! Red Seven Leisure is a company which organises these occasions, so you know that their blog is going to be filled with years’ worth of funny tales and the best hints and tips. While there are some relevant articles, such as Halloween themed stag nights and spa hen do’s, I do wonder what the relevance of “Middleton pictures leaked on Facebook and Twitter” and “The Worlds’ Most Expensive Cocktail” has to really do with hen and stag nights? Overall, it is quite a good site, but not one that I would really recommend if you were actively searching for hen or stag recommendations!
6. Knots and Kisses
Another one of my favourites; I love the design of this blog! Full of visuals and perfect for people who are looking for ideas for a wedding that alternates from the traditional, this blog consists of lots of innovative ideas to put a spin on the big day. The only problem that, unlike the other pages, there is no obvious or easy way to navigate throughout the different categories that the blog features
7. The CedarEventress
Cedar Events is a company that focuses on organising weddings, so surely the creative director, Seyi Olusanya, has some knowledge and ideas to share? This blog is probably the best one around for demonstrating new wedding trends
8. Small Things Iced
Another one of my favourite blogs, because it focuses on a subject very close to my heart: food. I also like the fact that, compared to the other blogs, instead of knowing a little bit about a lot of topics, this blog focuses on one element of expertise. The blog is full of creativity, showing off cakes for pretty much every type of wedding.
9. Jon Keith Diamonds
Jon Keith Diamonds is a diamond retailer based in Hatton Garden, London. The blog showcases some of the most beautiful diamonds. However, it’s not been updated since April 2011, so if you’re looking for something modern and contemporary, I’d look elsewhere
10. 5 Star Wedding and Planning Guide
The 5 Star Wedding Directory and Planning Guide blog is probably the most varied blog to make the list. From tips to stay healthy, to wedding fashion, to hotels and honeymoons, this blog is a great source for wedding planning!
11. Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
This is another one of my favourite blogs – It’s very much a visual blog which has been perfectly coloured theme, making it look so user friendly. Full of the same wedding inspired material as all the other standard wedding blogs, such as a DIY section and bride stories, but this blog also includes a ‘budget’ section for those looking for cheaper alternatives for the big day. This blog has everything – In my opinion, it should be higher on this list!
12. Ellie Sanderson’s Bridal Blog
Ellie Sanderson’s Bridal Blog stems from the corporate website of the Ellie Sanderson bridal boutique, based in both Beaconsfield and Oxford. Unlike other blogs which offers information on a variety of wedding elements, this blog focuses primarily on the brides dress. They seem to demonstrate their expertise well, showcasing a mixture of both traditional and contemporary dresses of a variety of different styles, ensuring there is one there for just about anyone!
13. Boho Weddings
For me, this blog stands out compared to the rest because it’s all about having a themed wedding – the slogan being “creating the wedding you want, not the wedding you’re told to have”. It’s refreshing to see a blog which offers something alternative, and for that reason I do think this should be a bit higher up on the chart.
14. Tobiah Tayo
This blog showcases the photography of the blogger, who is based in both Manchester and Chesire. The captured images are amazing – some very unique concepts, looking as though they’ve literally been pulled from a catalogue.
15. Marianne Taylor Photography
In at number 15 is another photography blog, this time based in London. In comparison to the previous Tobiah Tayo, who posts individual photos, Marianne Taylor provides a number of pictures to showcase the whole wedding day – from the bride getting ready to the after party. While Tobiah Tayo focuses on the image itself, Marianne Taylor focuses on the day, also providing some copy as to how the day went – almost like a diary of the day. Some good photography, though I do personally prefer the Tobiah Tayo images!
16. Stag Web
Finally a wedding blog for the Gents! This is a really user-friendly site which talks about everything from stag ideas, practical jokes, destination reviews and fun statistics. I personally think this blog is substantially better than the Red Seven Leisure blog, which is at number 5 and also focuses on stag and hen nights – However, with Red Seven Leisure being an actual organisation, perhaps they get more external links due to the services they provide and not the actual content of the blog?
17. Go Hen!
Same as Stag Web, but for women! Wedding stories, hen party ideas… you catch the drift.
18. OMG I’m getting married!
Another blog which I think is worthy of being higher on the list. You can tell a lot of time goes into the running of the blog and it pays off – Great content, from venues to cakes to dresses, and a lot of inspiration for not only the bride but also the mum!
19. English Wedding
While this blog doesn’t really stand out for me, I do have to note the originality in some of the concepts discussed in the blog. This is the first one I’ve stumbled on that’s even talked a lot about the calligraphy used in invitations and how the invitations should be presented. This blog rates average for me – It wouldn’t be the first one I’d run to.
20. The Stag Company
Finishing our list is another one for the men. The Stag Company’s blog isn’t as good as the Stag Web (which is sitting at number 16), but still remains to have fairly good content and original content.
Do you have a blog you would like to add to the list? If you do please do let us know in the comments as we would love to hear from you.

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