Today’s digital age has made social media the centre of most interactions. This form of communication is increasingly becoming more in demand as company’s use the World Wide Web to deliver their business ideas and marketing messages to consumers. As individuals we are faced with hundreds, if not thousands, of brands every week all of them with one goal to become the best and whilst some succeed others fall well behind.
Goviral is a branded video distribution network which looks at brands that have used video content in their marketing strategies. It investigates how video content is reviewed based on the quantity of views, the interaction of the audience, and the response they receive through materials uploaded to social networks like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. It investigates how brands are becoming aware of the potential that digital interaction can have between the consumers and the product by engaging them in dialogue as appose to just selling the product online, in other words giving them something to talk about. And so it is no surprise that this year Red bull is first in place at goviral’s top 100 list. On Oct 15th we saw Felix Baumgartner attempt the first record-breaking skydive engaging around 8 million viewers on YouTube. A great example of how a brand can make a connection to its product and the consumers. It certainly drew on their famous catchphrase ‘Red Bull Gives You Wings’.
It is also interesting to see some brands that have created hours of content receive only less than one million views and others creating a lot of views but hardly any audience involvement and interaction. This demonstrates Ads that fail to produce the necessary content needed to connect with the audience, for example brands like Smirnoff, Corona and Jack Daniels all listed in goviral’s 90’s fail to make an impact because they haven’t “sparked agenda-setting conversations”. Unlike successful brands like Nike, Old Spice and Red Bull that are not scared to and so continue to take risks. “An effective social video strategy can elevate a brand beyond the product, creating an experience consumers really want to part of.” Mads Holmen, planning director at goviral.
Here at Prohibition PR we regularly seed videos for clients but we always ask what are the core objective of the project. For instance is it views, engagement, likes, comments, hits, sales or is it just overall brand awareness? If you can get the brief correct at the beginning the rest of the process is far simpler. Here is a video, also below, we seeded recently for our client The Sleep Council.
Do you think a brand needs the controversy to be successful online? Have a look at govirals top 100 list HERE and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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