The last twelve months at Prohibition have been rather busy, we have had to expand our office space and the team has grown to more than 15 members and that is all because our client list just keeps on getting longer. It’s a great problem to have and I would love to say this is all down to the superb leadership from Will and I but it isn’t, it is down to a committed and ambitious team that is constantly looking at new ways to build relationships for their clients. I am so proud of the team but I rarely get an opportunity to say so.

Prohibition is a PR agency first but in the last three years or so we have moved into much more than that with media relations making up just 40% of what we do here. The majority of our work is now clever engaging content marketing in its various guises and that includes scoping out and creating lots and lots of different types of video content. If you are interested in telling a story about your company or brand through a clever video then check out our Video Marketing Page.
The team has delivered some truly stunning work in the last twelve months, a lot of which we will be sharing officially this Christmas for a range of our high street retail and luxury PR clients – so stay tuned for that. However, the senior team here felt we weren’t really making much or sharing a lot of the great content we were producing for clients – we tend to go from one big project to the next without ever taking a breath and a step back. So we wanted to create a short sharp piece of blatant self-promotion that would bring our busy year at Prohibition to life. So although it’s not perfect this short 90-second clip hopefully does that – so well-done team, there are some great campaigns in here and you should all be very proud.
Here’s to another great year in 2019.

YouTube video

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