With Twitter reaching over 500 million users it’s safe to say that they’re not all going to be useful, and with such high numbers it often becomes difficult for your target audience to find you. So how do you make yourself stand out Twitter? Here are our tips:
1. Be relevant – To make sure that you engage your target audience you need to make sure that all your tweets are relevant to their interests. As an organisation you will fall in to different categories such as technology, sports, etc. Make sure your tweets are focussed on your area of expertise and hashtag whenever it’s appropriate to help make your message more easily seen by your audience.
2. Have two personal accounts – Having two accounts can be seen as something of a safety net. You have an interest in something and like to tweet about it but you don’t want potential clients seeing what your view on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ is. Instead, set up one account for business to be used for sharing helpful information and conversing with fellow professionals. The other can then be used for your own personal interests. Just make sure your usernames are quite different.
3. Find the news – Instead of letting people find out what’s happening in the world, you should bring it to them. Anything found that you feel would be relevant for your audience can be retweeted or linked with your own comment. This shows clients that you are actively looking at what is happening in the world and not just reacting to events that could harm you. Those who do this frequently can also find themselves positioned as an expert in the field.
4. Follow the right people – To show that you have a genuine interest in a company instead of just wanting business, you need to show that you care about their area of expertise. If you’re looking to attract an interior design company, for example, then show you have some knowledge of their industry by following other relevant accounts. In this instance, you could follow companies that could supply materials, magazines and television programmes. This will also help you keep up-to-date with how their industry is changing.
5. Have fun with it – Although it is serious business making sure your companies Twitter feed is relevant it doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with it. While your followers will be interested in the serious aspects of your business, every once in a while they will want to read something that, while still on-topic, will make them laugh. Twitter is mainly used as a source of entertainment. Anything too serious will just drive followers away, so try and have some fun with them.

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