You may remember not so long ago I wrote a blog post on how to make the most of Pinterest, listing some top tips and highlighting how Pinterest can be a great tool – not only for social sharing, but for business too.
With this in mind, it’s no surprise that most major publications have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, with over half of the UK’s national newspapers found to have at least one official Pinterest page.
Interestingly , a new study which has been sent to us by Searchmetrics has revealed that the Daily Mail and The Telegraph get the most online shares on Pinterest – yet the Guardian has the most Pinterest followers.
The study showed that pages from the are the most popular to be shared on Pinterest, with a massive 1,963,999 re-pins. This doesn’t really surprise me too much – the Mail online has a huge readership having recently taken over the New York Times to become the worlds most visited newspaper website. The Daily Mail Pinterest page also generates the most pins per week (163,574) amongst the national newspapers, so there is obviously going to be more content and opportunities there to get its pins shared. The Telegraph follows behind with (42,476) pins per week.
What did surprise me is that, despite the fact the Guardian has less shares and generates fewer pins each week, it still has more followers on Pinterest than both The Daily Mail and The Telegraph. In fact, the Guardian somehow seems to dominate the social world, having almost four times the amount of Twitter followers than the Daily Mail and The Telegraph, despite the fact that it distributes the least amount of content.
What also came as a surprise was the content of the re-pins. I would have expected the most pinned page to be perhaps something to do with Government or the Olympics. In fact, it was a feature by the Guardian on how to make a baby’s swaddle blanket! The feature got a massive 53,638 re-pins, which was closely followed by articles on The Daily Mail on the teal dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore at the London Olympic Gala concert and a feature on how to get thin thighs in 30 days!
The results from the study can be found in the table below:

Newspaper site Pinterest page      Followers Total pins Average Pins per week
1) 322 1,963,999 163,574
2) 1,502 429,137 42,476
3) 2258 329,720 32,174
4) Not found n/a 62,908 5,659
5) 114 28,027 2,198
6) 829 16,588 1,668
7) 18 2,204 286
8) 309 1,288 115
9) Not found n/a 632 46
10) Not found n/a 313 38
11) 36 214 25
12) Not found n/a 55 4
13) Not found n/a 4 1

Which figure would you prefer to be higher? Followers or re-pins? Let me know…

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