The world of publishing is not just about paper and ink anymore, the print publishing sector has faced a massive decline in recent years. But in this episode, our guest’s experience is quite the opposite of that.

Cassie Moyse is a leading magazine publisher in the UK, she’s the Co-owner and Director of Portfolio North – a property, business, and luxury lifestyle print and online magazine, one of the most-read print magazines in the North.

Starting off as a small readership print-only magazine, Portfolio North has increased its readership to 35k, got an influential social following, launched its own digital edition, and soon its own app.

This podcast episode gives us an insider view into;

  • Her success story
  • The importance of strategic audience targeting
  • Innovative digital and print strategies
  • Her editorial approach – how to avoid negative stories and create newsworthy ones
  • Tips for personal branding

Looking to the future of publishing

With even fewer journalists than ever in the industry, how do we ensure we’ve got a newsworthy story? Emphasising the significance of a news angle, the value of a good PR pitch, and even something as minor as visual assets play a pivotal role in how a story makes the cover.

In recent years, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter have become popular for personal branding – allowing individuals to promote themselves, as well as their business. We discuss how personal content often performs better than business content when it comes to engagement, but how personal do you go? Professionals can make a habit of making content overly personal on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn recently revealed “Knowledge and Advice” are now prioritised throughout the platform. Will those who post overly personal content see a loss in engagement? This is something to be aware of when creating your next post.

With many publishers falling in recent years, this leaves us to say will print publishing make a comeback? As Moyse highlights, there’s a greater need for creativity and a holistic marketing approach, which are crucial for survival and success in the digital age through incorporating digital elements, social media, and events.

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