We all know that worn-out and run-down feeling when you’ve not had enough shut-eye, so we’re sure it’s no shock to know that sleep is a key factor in maintaining good health and wellbeing. But for some, the effects of not getting enough sleep can also seriously impact their livelihood.
Here at Prohibition, we’ve been working with the world’s number one bed brand, Sealy UK, to highlight how sporting success and sleep are intrinsically linked.
Whether you’re in training or recovering from injury, sleep is vital for your health and performance. Studies have shown sleep deprivation to increase levels of stress hormone, cortisol, and decrease production of glycogen and carbohydrates, which are stored for energy during physical activity. This means that sportsmen and women who haven’t been getting proper rest are likely to suffer from low energy and poorer concentration levels in their time of need.

Having a supportive bed can not only help with getting a better night’s sleep, but with recuperating from injuries, allowing the brain to restore itself and activate the healing process.
To help, we worked with Sealy UK to highlight this important link by creating a World of Sport campaign, and teamed up with a number of sporting heroes, sponsoring and gifting them a brand new Sealy bed, whilst following their sporting progress.

To date, we have worked with the likes of David Haye, Wigan Warriors, Burnley FC, Jamie Roberts and Phil Tufnell, and have generated over 65 pieces of coverage, including titles such as SportsPro, News & Star, and The Business Desk.
In fact, if you’re a Wigan Warriors fan, you may have spotted our April Fool’s video earlier this year, with Sky Sports presenter Brian Carney, discussing a new, innovative training scheme involving lots of Sealy pillows…
Here is just some information on our World of Sport stars:
To find out more about the Sealy World of Sport, visit the website here.

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