Often people find themselves in a position where they are posting for the sake of posting or are sharing content that isn’t well engaged with – which makes the effort of sharing content almost seem like it’s not worth it. The key to having a successful Twitter presence is to ensure your content is engaged with and that people are interacting with your channel. Here are some top tips on how you can up your Twitter game and improve your engagement:

Ensure your content is visually engaging

If you browse through any Twitter feed, you’ll soon notice an array of content types being used including pictures, GIF’s, videos, infographics, links, animations etc, so it’s important that the content you share can stand out amongst the rest. It’s been noted that visual content increases the likelihood of retweets by 35%, suggesting that the more visually engaging your content is – the more chance you have of it being engaged with. Try to include a mixture of content styles, not just images, to offer diverse content on your feed. There are many handy tools that you can use, such as Canva and Piktochart, to create really simple graphics and assets that can add something quite different to your feed and make it stand out. For more ideas on the variation of content check out our content marketing page.

Post at the right times

Making sure that you’re posting at the right time is key for any platform. It’s important to know what days, and what times, during those days your posts are likely to receive maximum engagement and your followers are most likely to seem them. Generally speaking, it’s been suggested that the best times to post are Monday-Thursday between 1pm-3pm and that the worst times are weekend evenings and Fridays after 3pm. Of course, this will differ per account and sector so it’s important to find the times that work for your audience and tweak your post scheduling to suit them. If you post when they’re more likely to be active, it’s highly likely that you’ll see better results on your content in terms of engagement.

Include Twitter polls in your monthly content

Twitter polls are a really effective way to encourage people to actively engage with your content. They should be focused on topics that are relevant to your brand and your audience and something that they are genuinely going to be interested in/have an opinion on, as that way they’re more likely to engage with the poll. These could be a range of things including questions relating to industry news, market trends or even simply used as a tool to start light-hearted conversations. Polls on Twitter can also be a really cost-effective way to find out information from your audience including the content they like to see or would prefer to see on your feed, their opinion on your products or information relating to them and their interests. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include at least two polls a month in your content schedule to allow for you to actively encourage your followers to engage with your content.

Top tips on how to maximise engagement on Twitter

Participate in Twitter chats

Getting involved with Twitter chats is a great way to establish communities that you can actively participate in. There are thousands of different Twitter chats that take place throughout the week specific to certain industries, events and pretty much anything! Each has its own #hashtag, time and date and can be used for virtually any topic. If you can find chats that are relevant to your channel, you should schedule content that includes the hashtag of the specific chat as this means that those who are interested in certain topics will locate your content in their feed and may engage with it. This helps you to reach a relevant audience who are genuinely interested in the types of content you share and is likely to see an increase in your engagement and following.

Be proactive in engaging with other accounts

If you’re not engaging with other people and their content, how can you expect them to engage with you and yours? It’s important to strike a good balance between retweets/comment retweets, responding to other accounts and sharing your own content as you want to ensure that your feed doesn’t look cluttered. There are some really simple ways that you can engage with others by liking, retweeting, comment retweeting and responding to their content. Simple responses could be ‘great article, thanks for sharing’ or ‘check out this post by X, it’s really useful for Y and Z’. If you want to go the extra mile and be really proactive in engaging with others you can create Twitter lists that allow you to easily locate content from customers, media, partners and relevant news outlets that you can engage with. It’s also worth searching for specific hashtags that are relatable to your profile and content to see if there are any discussions or twitter chats that you can participate in.
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