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Instagram trends report revealed

Instagram has released it’s 2024 trends report after surveying Gen Z (ages 11-26 at the time of writing) across five countries, highlighting that fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and food content are growth areas that are appealing to younger audiences.

Interestingly, it also shares that many Gen Z’s are single and not actively looking for a relationship, instead focusing on nurturing current relationships in 2024. This thought-process is likely to impact consumer behaviour, especially around key events such as Valentine’s Day.
Along the same thread, 2024 is set to be the era of self-improvement as Gen-Z put emphasis on goal setting to stay healthy, explore and travel, and progress their careers.

Facebook Groups AI

Waitlists for ‘Meta AI in your group’ have begun to pop-up, a soon to be artificial intelligence that will help answer questions in Facebook Groups. This looks as though it could support with community management, since Meta AI will respond to a question if it has been left unanswered at the one hour mark. The AI will post a comment attempting to summarise previous discussions or share relevant posts/information from the group to help with the query.
Meta AI comments or features are controlled by group members or admins and can be switched off/deleted at any point.

Curiosity peaks on TikTok

The 2024 TikTok trends report has been released with some great insights to support content brainstorming. The report reveals three key areas, dubbed ‘Trend Signals’ that creators and brands can tap into in 2024.

‘Curiosity Peaked’ piqued our interest the most, revealing that users are increasingly coming to the channels to discover new and niche interests (an extension of TikTok being utilised as a search engine). Across all three trend signals one piece of guidance was clear – authenticity is key. Consumers are wanting to engage with the real people behind the brand rather than corporations with no real story or substance.

What has worked historically across social media marketing will not work here!

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