Social media platforms are evolving and changing just as fast as the seasons are changing this year – take a look at our latest updates round-up:

Instagram launches reminder story ads

Meta recently announced that reminder ads, which update users about upcoming events, can now be implemented within Instagram stories. This update will allow businesses to reach a wider audience and increase even visibility with an additional placement option.

These reminder ads can be created within ads manager, a great update for marketeers all around since previously an organic existing post had to be used.

Meta adds reels A/B testing

Meta are in the process of adding more tools and options to support creators, outside of sponsored/ad content. The latest update gives creators more insight into their content performance to optimise their strategy.

Creators will be able to test up to four versions of a reel, changing up the captions and/or thumbnail images across each. These four versions will be served to a small audience pool before the most successful (most engagement within 30 minutes) is pushed out further.

YouTube Music gets a push

It was recently announced that Google Podcasts are being discontinued in 2024, transitioning their podcasts onto YouTube music with a goal to make this a prime podcast destination for both creators and listeners.

Google will be providing tools to creators to support them in this platform transition – a double win for creators as they can access great analytics and also focus on a more successful streaming platform.

LinkedIn’s AI job search

Users are being supported in their job search thanks to AI technology on LinkedIn. Premium subscribers can use the new feature to speed up the process – it will use information on users feeds and suggest opportunities based on the information in their profile.

The technology will also make suggestions to premium subscribers to level up their profiles and make them more competitive for future opportunities.

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