It’s easy for the average Joe to express his opinions nowadays. If you’ve got yourself a Facebook or Twitter account you can comment on absolutely anything you like and the chance is someone will see it. This being said how many arguments are started on Facebook or Twitter? How many comments are deleted? And how many times have people flat out dropped the ball by accident? Don’t worry, unless you’re an influential figure most likely those mistakes you make on social platforms will be forgotten in a week or so. Better yet, you’ve got your head screwed on and you know what not to say online. But some people however are not so smart, and others have made a pretty big mess of things online, not just for themselves but for their respective employers too. Ouch, social media: How to do it wrong!

Amy’s Baking Company Facebook Meltdown

After making an appearance on Gordon Ramsey’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ the baking company received a lot of negative feedback from the always kind social media users. Their response? What every American baking company would do right? Hit caps lock and unleash the cracken upon those who have wronged them. In memorable fashion the two owners took to Facebook to tell everyone how wrong they were in a particularly angry manner. “WE WILL THRIVE! WE WILL OVERCOME!” sounds a lot like a trademark cartoon villain’s: “you’ll see, you’ll all see!” WLQ3ZJ0T    

Tesco Horsemeat Scandal

In the midst of the huge Tesco horsemeat scandal of early 2013, Customer Care managed to tweet the message below. Que a huge social media uproar. Accidental or not, Tesco really should have been triple checking before sending their tweets during a PR crisis of this size. tesco horsemeat  

The Inquisitr, against Cancer! (For 500 likes)

The Inquisitr says that to show that you wish Cancer didn’t exist, you and 499 other people must like their post within an hour. Otherwise you’re a monster, obviously. It is this kind of social media mess up that makes the company look incredibly insensitive even when they’re trying to appear caring. By hunting for the all-important likes they’re essentially using Cancer, a heart breaking disease that affects so many people to promote their own posts on social media. Shameful. inquisitr  

Celeb Boutique not doing their research

Online store Celeb Boutique failed to do their research before mindlessly tweeting that Aurora was trending because of their Kim K inspired dress. In reality it was because of a tragic shooting in the area. This saga was huge deemed a huge mess up on behalf of Celeb Boutique’s PR team coming across as incredibly insensitive and a bit idiotic.   Do you have one to suggest?


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