With 2019 well underway, we have been working hard at Prohibition HQ on exciting Spring campaigns for lots of our retail clients.
This week saw the launch of our latest bridal campaign for Goldsmiths. We were tasked with creating content encouraging soon-to-be engaged couples around the UK to consider buying their engagement ring and wedding rings together – rather than the more traditional route of buying the engagement ring first. Goldsmiths offers some stunning bridal sets that can help to cut down on costs, without   comprising on style or diamond quality – THE PERFECT MATCH.

The campaign focuses on five hero ring sets all available at Goldsmiths at an incredible price. We worked closely with Goldsmiths and the in-house team at YouTube to take advantage of the latest research and findings to ensure the content produced would work well as part of an in-stream YouTube advertising campaign, as well as across Goldsmiths social channels. Focus on the product was really important, along with bright bold colour and brand recognition throughout.
We styled and produced a video and photography shoot to create a suite of video footage and stills to utilise throughout the campaign. The finished product was a 30 second YouTube TrueView advert, along with a set of accompanying short, bold and product focused bumper ads to showcase each ring set and offer product and price details. Finally, we produced a suite of stunning lifestyle photography to be used across the Goldsmiths website and social channels.
Take a closer look here and follow Goldsmiths on Instagram to see more of our work.

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