Another month, another blog all about the ads information you need to know. From insight into influencer activity, to Elon Musk making more disliked changes, here’s everything you need to be on top of.

Meta gives advertisers access to influencer’s activity


Meta’s Ad Library is a powerful tool that allows advertisers to look at what other brands and competitors are doing from a paid social perspective. Its new introduction, sees advertisers able to see influencer branded content. A very useful tool for those looking to partner with an influencer or those looking for inspiration for their own branded content.

Another hit comes to Meta’s targeting


Following on from recent updates to Meta’s EU advertising, they have announced that Meta users in EU countries will be able to opt out of the algorithmic experience. This is great news for those who don’t want their data to be tracked, but terrible news for social media advertisers as those who opt out, most likely will no longer be able to be targeted within ad campaigns.

It isn’t all bad news for advertisers though as following the algorithm change option for EU users, Meta is also adding more data to its Ads Library. Soon, Meta’s Ads Library will display an archive of all ads that target people in the EU. This includes their age, gender, location and will be a great way for advertisers to do some research into how other companies are reaching specific audiences.

Meta releases overview of its Advantage+ tools


Along with every other company in the world, Meta is investing into its AI offering. In doing so, its Advantage+ tools which should be recognisable to any social media advertisers are improving. To promote this, Meta has released an overview of how these Advantage+ tools will effect your campaigns.

X/Twitter offers $250 ad credits back to SMBs


In an attempt to try get businesses back advertising on the platform, X/Twitter is offering $250 of ad credit to any SMB that spends $1,000 on X ads over the next month (until the 23rd September). To advertise on X/Twitter, users will need to be either signed up to X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) or to be a Verified Organisation on the platform.

Read our full blog about X Premium and Verified Organisations here.

Elon makes more disliked changed


Following many changes that Elon Musk has made since taking over the platform, X/Twitter is now changing how link previews are seen within the platform. Instead of having the usual bottom banner with the headline and description below, the link will now appear on the cover image, with the headline and description completely hidden from the post. For any journalists, this means they will now have to write the headline and any additional information as a part of the post.

For advertisers, this isn’t great news either due to the possibility that link click ads may be previewed the same way. This would mean that the heading of the website would then need to be included in the ad copy and the ad is likely to receive less clicks as users can’t see what the link is they are about to click on.

LinkedIn adds influencer tags


Similarly to how Meta’s platforms ahs ‘paid partnership’ tags for any influencer/partnered content, LinkedIn is now adding its own brand partnership tags. This will be for the influencer/partner to turn on for any posts they have been compensated for.

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