When an opportunity to work on a campaign with important social issues at the heart of it comes along, we jump at the chance to be a part of the process at Prohibition! That’s exactly why we were thrilled to have been asked to work on Emerald Publishing’s latest campaign to tackle the issues of illiteracy around the world.
Emerald Publishing wanted to raise awareness of the global issues surrounding adult and childhood literacy, using a campaign to highlight the intrinsic link between literacy rates and the consequences of these later in life, with International Literacy Day as our catalyst and launch date.

The aim of the campaign was to demonstrate the improvements needed to help increase literacy rates globally, but to still recognise that the process is a slow one, to be taken one day at a time. And, as a publisher which places importance of the real-world impact of research as a true marker of success, it was key that the campaign also demonstrated the work already being undertaken by Emerald Publishing and reinforced the organisation’s pledge to dedicate time to combatting global illiteracy.
Our challenge was to make this chunky subject matter digestible and for the aim to feel tangible in order to inspire those in the fields of education and academia to also do their bit to help tackle global illiteracy. In order to do so, we created an engaging digital marketing campaign with the rallying cry: ‘Each small step, can help to break the cycle, one day at a time.’
We worked alongside the Emerald team to help consolidate the aims of the intended campaign, developing a succinct and impactful campaign concept.  A key part of the campaign activity was to make the best use of research and statistics surrounding global literacy rates, presenting them in a creative and engaging way. As part of this, we created an animated infographic-style video to showcase the research and steps being taken. We then developed a specially tailored paid-for social advertising plan, which was to run over a limited time frame, with the aim of boosting campaign reach and engagement, increasing video views and driving web traffic to the campaign landing page via link clicks.

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Overall, we achieved over £1mililion impressions on campaign content, driving over 2.5k visitors to the campaign landing page and receiving almost 220k views on video content. We’re extremely proud of this campaign and the results achieved for Emerald Publishing’s latest commitment to social issues globally, particularly when delivered over a one-week time frame. Take a closer look at the campaign here.
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