Bringing you another round-up of the latest social media updates, as AI continues to infiltrate, check it out below.

Instagram’s AI stickers

Instagram have introduced new tools for content creators to streamline reel editing, including dreamy ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ buttons to rectify small errors. These small reel updates will be well received by content creators far and wide.

Instagram have also introduced additional text-to-speech voices across their reels alongside many new audios, font options and text styles, and filters. These enhances creative options give content creators more flexibility and opportunity to showcase their creative flair.

X introduces new premium features

Elon Musk is continuing with an array of updates and premium perks to encourage use of X’s paid subscription. These changes continue despite a significant decline in the app’s popularity.

It has been announced that by the end of 2024, he would like X to be the go-to ‘everything app’ including being the sole platform for users’ finances – taking on bank accounts head-on.

The need for this is a difficult one to translate, with the app losing almost 15 million users in 2023 following the rebrand.

TikTok comes under fire in the US

US congress have been discussing concerns over the addictive nature of TikTok in relation to children’s safety and mental health, in addition to data privacy and misinformation concerns.

The app is already banned from federal government devices, however, at this stage it’s unclear whether the US will follow the likes of Iran and India in a full TikTok ban.

LinkedIn dabble with AI

Between now and April 2024, LinkedIn is releasing a range of new features with a focus on AI integration. Much of the AI supports recruitment for both the recruiter and the candidate, including AI-assisted meetings/follow-ups and smarter candidate suggestions.

These updates aim to simplify and streamline the hiring process, using AI to make the most appropriate data-driven suggestions.

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