OK, so you may have read some of my previous collection of blog posts for Prohibition PR, and hopefully you enjoyed them, and may possibly even think that I am now somewhat of an expert in the blogging world? Well in all honesty I’m not (yet). To me, blogging has always been something that other people with endless amounts of opinions and things to say do; it’s taken me quite a while to understand why people do it, and the genuine importance of it.
Before starting my placement with the guys here at Prohibition, blogging was always something that I avoided, even though it has been something that we have been encouraged to do regularly at University. I have always thought that no one would be interested in what I had to say. Now however after writing a few posts I am learning a lot more about the world and the industry that I am hoping to have my career in.
Blog writing is a great way to learn, communicate, and build opinions and to create and online representation of your personality and beliefs, which will be completely unique to you. To me, the most fulfilling part of blog writing is the research that goes into it, getting the best information on the subject in question is a great way to learn and to build an informed opinion.
There are endless amounts of websites and blogs offering tips on how to be a blogging pro, even the for Dummies’ website offer their advice, which have educated me into knowing that blogging is something that everyone can do. This form of communication can do wonders for companies and individuals if done correctly, with some individual bloggers earning a living from their blogs and even becoming celebrities.
Starting with the Prohibition team with the attitude that I had about blogging was something that Chris intended to change from the beginning, by challenging me to write a blog a day for two weeks (the horror on my face when told this would have been great). I have accepted the challenge, and think that I’m doing pretty well. Even though I am enjoying the challenge, the hours of stress that I endure when deciding what topic the blog will be about is something that I defiantly need to work on (it is not good for my personal sanity).
For me blogging is still a real art form that I am only just getting started with, but I’m definitely looking forward to really getting a proper hold of it and writing better more informative content with real opinion. It would be great to hear what other people think about blogging and from fellow bloggers, so please leave a comment and let me know if you still find it difficult and what you do to help you think of topics?

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