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How mobile is paving the way for social media developments

Worldwide mobile phone sales are on fire. Currently, over one billion mobile web users are scrolling through the 1-4G universes, and their massive influence over social networks is becoming increasingly more apparent. If you’re after a good example, look no further than the new Facebook new Messenger app and how hard they’re pushing it on consumers, or how popular the Vine app is among brands for creating simple, snappy video content.

4183229960_edcbb4dd6bSo what does this mean for the PR industry? It means get mobile, quick. Communities online are only going to get more connected via mobile apps such as Snapchat and Jelly, so focusing purely on digital PR that fits computer monitors is no longer the’ be all and end all’, as it’s just no longer enough.

Assessing mobile habits is a good start. Knowing which apps are popular and what makes them so in demand can be done through a quick browse of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store; once you’re aware you can begin applying this to your own strategies on social media, such as what type of content to use for your brand in terms of video, visual, interactive and when to upload it.

It’s also wise to be aware of which apps are useful to use to your advantage for your respective communities, whether they will have a maximum outreach and generate leads and whether it’s worth having a presence on them at all.

Thanks to its global appeal, it’s likely that smartphone use will keep growing in the near future, so keeping an eye out for the latest developments is a must for any PR professional.

Now, go back to checking Facebook on your smartphone.

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The Fuelband: Better to be a part of Apple’s pie?


After a flurry of reports from the technology and mainstream press over the weekend pointed towards Nike discontinuing its flagship wearable technology, the Fuelband, is it a sign that Apple will dominate the growing wearable market as much as it has the smartphone market?
Whilst the Fuelband hardware is looking set for the chop, the software looks ready to jump onboard the rumoured ‘iWatch’, Apple’s presumed entrant in to the wearable market. The market is already being explored by tech giants Samsung and Google, but Apple’s entry would be a definite turning point as it would tap in to the company’s huge user base and possibly bring about the introduction of wearables to the mass market, and not just the early adopters.

Nike and Apple certainly aren’t strangers to one another, and it therefore wouldn’t come as a surprise if a collaboration were to take place between the two in the future. With Apple reportedly continuing to plan an iOS 8 fitness-focused update, exclusive software from one of the globe’s most prolific sports brands would presumably be a real knockout strategy for both companies.

Where does this leave everyone else though? As previously mentioned, the wearables market is being sized up by plenty of technology leaders, and some have already put their hat in the ring. This leaves Apple at a disadvantage – it was a pioneer in modern smartphone technology, whereas it’s a latecomer in wearable technology.

With all this in mind, we may see a new technology that Apple doesn’t manage quite to get a hold of. It wouldn’t be the first time; remember Apple TV?

The gamification of technology and media has made for an exciting arena when it comes to start-ups, marketers and businesses of all kinds. Possibilities and opportunities are boundless, and the engaging, interactive nature of entertainment has shaped how media is consumed indefinitely. Wearable technology might just be the next step, so seeing how the giants of the industry tackle it will be fascinating.
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