And so draws to a close the most perfect month that we’ve experienced since 2010 – calendar-ically speaking. It’s been a whirlwind 28 days here at Prohibition, with a whopping six new clients joining us, countless campaigns being planned in the pipeline and a brand-new recruitment drive launching!

It was also the month that big brand Twitter was at its finest with that Heinz Beans x Weetabix collab, and the many hilarious responses that ensued…

AND lets not forget that Boris announced his roadmap to our freedom, and let us tell you it’s certainly got the PPR virtual office a-buzz with excitement! Fingers crossed we’ll be pouring our glasses of fizz together again before too long…

But perhaps the biggest coo this month was that two of our (very lucky) team members got to step out in to the big wide world and experience a little bit of getting back to normal! Ok, so it wasn’t exactly ‘normal’, but Katie and Victoria got to head down to London town for a very exciting socially-distanced video shoot.

We asked the girls to spill the tea on their big adventure;

KB: “I won’t lie, it was very surreal to be on the early train from Leeds to London – but SO exciting to be out in the big wide world.”

VC: “Yeah – we’re all getting a little stir-crazy right now, so a change of scenery and being able to get back to shooting like the ‘good old days’ was great.”

KB: “It’s only my second video shoot with the Prohibition team, and this time it felt extra exciting. We were headed to a shoot with a household name on behalf of our client Interflora! We got to get behind the camera, play interviewer and even try our hand at flower arranging.”

VC: “Everything had to be planned within an inch of its life; transport, cars, venue, numbers on set – there’s even less margin for ever when we’re all trying to stay safe – but everything was seamless.”

KB: “Keeping safe distances, wearing masks, hand sanitising every two seconds just feels like the norm now. The only weird thing was having to Uber coffee to set as we couldn’t dip in and out of coffee shops – first world problems I know!”.

VC: “It was a long day, but completely worth it. We’re just so excited to see the final piece and launch – keep an eye on our social channels for the big reveal in March!”

On set with our client Interflora creating some exciting video content!


We live for all-things creative here at Prohibition and video content is something that definitely allows us to get our creative juices flowing. We’ve got quite a few exciting video developments happening behind the scenes – so watch this space, and we’ll see you next month!

Love, the PPR team.

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