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How mobile is paving the way for social media developments

Worldwide mobile phone sales are on fire. Currently, over one billion mobile web users are scrolling through the 1-4G universes, and their massive influence over social networks is becoming increasingly more apparent. If you’re after a good example, look no further than the new Facebook new Messenger app and how hard they’re pushing it on consumers, or how popular the Vine app is among brands for creating simple, snappy video content.

4183229960_edcbb4dd6bSo what does this mean for the PR industry? It means get mobile, quick. Communities online are only going to get more connected via mobile apps such as Snapchat and Jelly, so focusing purely on digital PR that fits computer monitors is no longer the’ be all and end all’, as it’s just no longer enough.

Assessing mobile habits is a good start. Knowing which apps are popular and what makes them so in demand can be done through a quick browse of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store; once you’re aware you can begin applying this to your own strategies on social media, such as what type of content to use for your brand in terms of video, visual, interactive and when to upload it.

It’s also wise to be aware of which apps are useful to use to your advantage for your respective communities, whether they will have a maximum outreach and generate leads and whether it’s worth having a presence on them at all.

Thanks to its global appeal, it’s likely that smartphone use will keep growing in the near future, so keeping an eye out for the latest developments is a must for any PR professional.

Now, go back to checking Facebook on your smartphone.

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Calling all marketing graduates

If you’re a graduate looking to get your first break in the industry and you have a passion for all things marketing, then there might be an opportunity for you with one of our nationally renowned clients.KeepmoatLogoSquareSmall

The Company

Keepmoat is a national market leader in sustainable community regeneration, housing, and planned and responsive repairs to the UK housing industry.

The Job

A new opportunity has arisen with our client, Keepmoat, in their head office marketing team. Do you have a passion for marketing and an interest in all things digital? They are looking for an analytical-minded graduate to join a fast-growing team in Doncaster to support the management of company statistics, as well as being involved with other exciting responsibilities. Apply now for a chance to become Keepmoat’s new Marketing Assistant.

Get in touch

If you’re interested, please email with a covering letter and a copy of your CV.

The proof that Online Marketing is the next big step for companies.

With the news that the vast majority of digital marketers  are forecasting that their budgets will grow significantly this year, it seems that companies are finally understanding how vital it is to have a strategic marketing method to be used online.

Research in the US, carried out by Best Practices, LLC found that, from a study of 44 Digital Marketing firms,  at least 72% predicted that their levels of online marketing would increase by at least 10% in the next year. This is a trend that mirrors this country, where it was recently announced that companies spent £800 million on Online Marketing alone last year.Findings from Best Practices, LLC Such a large sum is only set to increase, with companies being urged to use social media as a way to market themselves in 2013.

Writing on the topic, said that “Digital Marketing technologies are transforming the commercial marketplace – challenging companies to develop new marketing skills and employ a broad range of new tools and techniques to engage customers.” As the new technologies are beginning to be used by more and more companies, those who are not yet doing so risk falling behind their rivals.

As a company that knows about online marketing, we at Prohibition PR are aware that some companies may struggle to understand how to market themselves well, that is is difficult to run social media channels and online marketing tactics, which is where we can help.

Eileen Brown, a social media consultant, said that “Whatever you do, do not ignore this sea change. It is now time for your business to evolve and embrace social media – or be left behind to fossilise.” This view is one that we agree with. Companies need to take this next step by marketing themselves online, or else they will lose out on the undoubted benefits that it can bring, such as increased SEO and the ability to interact with customers.

With digital marketing becoming such a vast resource for companies to use in order to promote themselves and interact with customers, it falls to agencies who specialise in the practice, such as ourselves, to instruct corporations on how to maximise their marketing potential online.

What do you think to the fact that companies are increasing their levels of online marketing? Drop us a comment, all feedback will be much appreciated.

The 4 big business benefits of Facebook’s Graph Search.

This weeks’ announcement that Facebook is to release its’ own search engine to rival Google will mean that businesses have a great new tool to help market themselves to potential customers online.

The new feature, called “A screenshot of Facebook's Social GraphGraph Search,” will allow users to make searches for a variety of things, such as places to eat, retail shops and days out. However, unlike Google, Facebook’s search engine will be tailored to the network of each individual user.

As digital PR specialists, we understand how to market a brand effectively, and Facebook’s Graph Search presents a number of significant benefits for brands:

1) The Facebook feature, known as Affinity, means that what you look at on Facebook helps decide what appears first on your news feed. Therefore, Facebook users’ searches will be determined by their previous viewing, and businesses that have been looked at before can stay at the front of people’s thinking because of this. Econsultancy has said how Affinity is more important than ever now, and can help businesses get greater coverage on the site.

2) It will allow them to be just one click away from the Facebook user’s fingertips. This presents a huge target market.

3) It allows brands to target potential customers much more specifically. The brilliant Wall Blog has an article describing how, as the search engine is based on an individuals’ network, it allows users to see what brands, services and places their friends like, and they may be more likely to do the same as a result.

4) As The Next Web has discussed, the search engine will allow users to search for precise things they are interested in, such as the best restaurants in the local area. Smaller brands can promote themselves locally which will help them attract custom.

Brands must use the correct methods to promote themselves on Facebook or miss out on the benefits that Graph Search offers. A good starting point for businesses is the five tips for retail business marketing that was released by Facebook recently. Using ASOS and the English Cheesecake Company as case studies, the Facebook tips show that engaging fans with good quality content and strategically using advertising are, amongst other things, the best ways to help your businesses Facebook page grow. But we all know how Facebook is really wanting us to buy as much of their advertising as possible. The recent Edgerank changes have caused page engagement to drop off a cliff. Have you noticed your page numbers taking a huge dip because we have seen it across the board.

However, if the companies use this new tool in the wrong way and try to saturate users’ Facebook pages, it could in fact damage their brands and annoy the fans. Brands must market themselves properly to ensure that they are effectively found by Facebook users, otherwise they will miss out on the huge opportunity that this new feature might offer them.

I think that this can be a fantastic new tool for businesses and, if used effectively, can present a truly global way to market yourselves online. Brands will be able to reach all of Facebook and this can only be a good thing. If you want to sign up to the beta for this just visit this site.

Do you think that Social Graph will benefit businesses? Are there any possible downsides? Let me know in the comments I am happy to hear your take on it.