Prohibition PR MD Chris, along with three other Yorkshire PR professionals, has written a chapter for ‘Share This Too’: the sequel to the best-selling PR book of 2012, ‘Share This.’

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‘Share This Too’ is a practical guide to social media, supported by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).  Based purely on pre-sales figures, the book is already at the top of Amazon’s hot new releases in Sales and Marketing, and is also in the top 20 PR books.  The 33-chapter book is full of tips and guidance from PR, social media and digital marketing experts, and is an ideal read for anyone looking to professionally manage their online communications presence. ‘Share This Too’ evaluates what is current in the theory, delivery and evaluation of 21st century public relations and organisational communication. Chris’ chapter on ‘Crisis Management’ includes practical guidance on how to effectively manage communications in an unforeseen crisis, and best practice for this scenario with regard to managing reputation and communication with its publics. Share This Too is widely available from today in both hardback and digital formats with an RRP of £19.99.  Congratulations Chris!

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