Every year we look forward to seeing what brands make the most of April Fools’ Day and launch a funny, interesting or creative stunt. This year was no exception and we have to admit – there was a real selection! Some made us laugh and others intrigued us.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best PR and social media stunts that we’ve spotted for April Fools’ Day 2022:

Walkers launch Sandwich crisps

This one really stood out to us – well done Walkers! Playing on the nations love for a crisp sandwich, the brand took to Twitter this morning to announce they were launching ‘giant bread shaped crisps’ that are the perfect size to fit between two slices of bread.

Social media users have shown a lot of love for the stunt, gaining a lot of engagement for the brand. We’d be keen to try these if they ever materialise..

Deliveroo ban pineapple on a pizza

A really clever video campaign from Deliveroo as they have used a similar style to the old ‘piracy, it’s a crime’ video that explained how pirate copy’s of films were illegal, to state that from today pineapple on a pizza is banned from Deliveroo. The funny stunt taps into the ongoing debate about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza or not – personally, we’re team yes it does!

The stunt has gained a lot of engagement on social media from people who are on both sides of the debate and also people highlighting the ‘nostalgia’ of the style of video.

Pot Noodle X Papa Johns collaboration

Another pizza brand making the most of April Fools’ is Papa Johns, who announced a rather unlikely collab with Pot Noddle. The brand took to Twitter to share they were launching not one, not two, but three new noodle-topped pizzas – starting with Bombay Badboy x American Hot.

As much as we’re not sure this is to our taste, some users seemed quite keen on the idea to actually happen! Who knows, maybe this April Fools’ stunt will turn into something worthwhile for both brands…

Aldi launches AldiAir

Aldi just always seem to get it right! And the stunt they’ve launched for April Fools’ Day hits the mark, as expected. Aldi have tapped into the ongoing narrative around their middle isle special buys and have create a series of clever social media posts that take a tongue and cheek approach to ‘AldiAir’.

They have tapped into the budget nature of the brand and also that they accept any amounts of baggage. We’re a big fan of this! A clever way to tap into their customers conversations and create fun, light-hearted content.

Krispy Kreme X Marmite

Another food collab that has grabbed our attention today – Krispy Kreme X Marmite to create a filled doughnut. We’re not 100% sold on the combination, however we do think it’s a fun stunt for April Fools’ Day. People have been debating whether they love or hate Marmite for years – so it’s a sure way to cause some controversial conversation, which is exactly what happened on social media.

Boris Johnson resigns – or does he?

We must admit, even we had to double take on this on to confirm for sure it was an April Fool! And yes, sorry to possibly disappoint anyone, but it is indeed. The well followed Twitter account ‘Have I Got News For You’ shared the news, with a follow up to thread saying: ‘Or has he? New series of Have I Got News For You starts tonight, April 1st, at 9pm.’

This certainly got the attention of a lot of social media users with over 12k likes and started a lot of online conversations. It was also a clever way to promote the start of the new series. Well played…

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