Our latest podcast episode features an engaging conversation with Chris Simmance, the founder of OMG Centre, which aims to accelerate the growth of digital agencies through consultancy, mentorship, training, and support. He was also a Chairman at Optus Digital, where he built up the search-based digital agency to offices in London and Manchester.

After a failed travel sales job for a ski resort, Chris self-taught himself SEO, and managed to get a job at a digital agency in London. Since then, he has become a leading figure in the world of digital marketing; known for his extensive experience in digital strategy. Chris generously shares his journey and the lessons he has learned along the way – from building up a number of his own agencies.

This podcast episode delves into:

  • Managership is learned, and leadership is earned
  • Knowing the business numbers
  • Red flags in pitching 
  • Common mistakes in running an agency
  • Focussing on client retention
  • Setting achievable client expectations

Are you a born leader? A bad manager is the reason why over 75% of people leave their jobs. Leadership is not merely about managing a team but involves taking personal ownership and accountability. COVID-19 taught many managers to take much more of a leadership role due to the restraints of working from home, which is something we also have to continuously learn going forward – as it looks like working from home is here to stay.

Do you know the numbers driving your business? Are you failing to focus on client retention? In an ever-growing competitive agency field and with one of the worst recessions in recent times looming – this is where agency/business owners need to be more self-aware. As Chris points out, the traditional agency model isn’t broken, but certain aspects of its execution often lead to problems. By focusing on client retention and having a deep understanding of your operational costs going forward, agencies can achieve a better balance and enhance their profitability.

What expectations do you set with your clients? Research shows a client is expected to stay at an agency for 3 years these days, but that’s if they’ve got a good relationship. Chris shares the notion that the majority of agencies lose their clients not due to a lack of results, but due to a failure to manage or set expectations. Thus going forward, it is vital to articulate your agency’s capabilities clearly and manage client expectations effectively right from the start of the engagement. In the podcast, Chris shares his ‘rule of seven’ for agency advisors and the importance of measuring success and scale.

Is your team trained up? Recent research has shown that 70% of marketers feel ill-equipped to handle ‘big data’ challenges. And with more graduates entering the field and fewer jobs available with the current economy, Chris underscores the importance of continuous learning and staying ahead of industry trends. He also suggests the importance of finding a mentor or coach to guide you through the challenges of running an agency, emphasising that sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.

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