We’re back with another meet the team for July. This month, get to know all about Iram – our super talented Graphic Designer!

How long have you been at Prohibition? Just over four months now!

What do you love most about your job? I love my job because I love being creative. The best part about being creative for me is having the possibility of working in a range of different areas every day. No two days are the same! Sometimes I’m working for a retained client and other times for a new brand. I am constantly jumping from different mediums too, from illustrating to photo retouching – the job is very fast paced, and this keeps me entertained.

Design is constantly evolving so constantly reading, training, and updating yourself on the current trends is a must. I love the fact you get to learn about so many topics. You don’t realise whilst aligning text and editing how much of the information gets taken in. I love learning new things, designing and being a Graphic designer is like having a different job every day.

Tell us a bit about your journey to working at Prohibition. I graduated just as the pandemic hit, so it was a crazy time to try and get a job. Most places were struggling to keep their doors open, design was the last place any one was focusing on. I decided I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing, so I took a job at a local primary school, where I worked as a teaching assistant and did some freelance work on the side. I applied for Prohibition after lockdown and restrictions had been eased and haven’t looked back since. I love design and I knew that this was always something I always wanted to pursue.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why? Pinterest! I feel like it’s just bursting with inspiration and ideas. I love the way it is minimalistic and with so many creative ideas to explore – what’s not to love.

What do you love most about working/living up North? I have always lived up North and loved it ! The thing I love most about living and working up North is the diversity and culture. There are always new things to try and learn.

What three things could you not live without? My family, my best friend, and tea!

Give us your favourite quote.

“You’ll never be bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do!” –Dr Seuss

If you could switch places with any celeb for the day – who would it be and why? I would switch places with Kristen Bell. She is talented, funny, and not afraid to be herself. I feel like she is such a down to earth person and just radiates good energy. I love the work she is doing to raise awareness about mental health and the fact she incorporates these messages into her range of children books. I would love to see what she gets up to on a day-to-day basis.

What’s something you’re secretly (or not so secretly!) really good at/passionate about outside of work? Outside of work, I love to bake and cook. Of course, I enjoy eating the food too! I also enjoy listening to music, going on walks, reading books and catching up on the many series and movies on my watch list!

About Abbey Gray

Account Manager at Prohibition PR. First class journalism graduate, passionate writer and novice baker! Based in Leeds.